Ceiling-Mounted ICU Medical Gas Pendant AG-18C-1

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ICU Medical Gas Pendant Manufacturer

Anti-Collision Design With 2 and 3 Layers

Adjustable Height

High-Strength Aluminum Alloy


Minimum quantity for "Ceiling-Mounted ICU Medical Gas Pendant AG-18C-1" is 1.

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Ceiling-Mounted ICU Medical Gas Pendant AG-18C-1

This ICU Medical Gas Pendant is fixed to a ceiling or wall and is used in supplying medical gases, electricity, illumination, and every other connection or service that is needed in the ICR room. It can be rotated to make certain tools or gases easily accessible by intensive care whenever they are needed.

ICU Medical Gas Pendant for the hospital ICU wards, intensive care unit of modern medical rescue necessary auxiliary equipment, mainly by the bridge, dry and wet sections, characterized by the separation of wet and dry is reasonable structure, allocation of landing and taking off the wet paragraph flexible and fluid infusion pump rack frame. 

The paragraph can be equipped with wet and dry conditioning off and landing platform for the medical care equipment, in the segment, respectively of wet and dry oxygen, air, attracted by the strength of electricity, the network input terminals can be configured in the health care workers and staff body of the tower. Cantilevered structure of wet above to enhance the treatment of space, moving parts of pneumatic brake rotating anti-drift, the central bridge is equipped with a unique rotating take-off and landing lights lighting treatment (the use of new patents). 

Provided for clinical treatment of lighting solutions, while also matching your request in accordance

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The basic technical parameter

Model AG-18C-1 Ceiling-Mounted ICU Medical Gas Pendant
Working Power AC220V,50HZ Input Power 6KVA
Material High-strength aluminum alloy
Beam Length  2500~3200mm The actual size according to customers
Installing mode: Ceiling mounted
Color: Sky-blue
Lighting Lamp 2pcs
Cantilever Lamp 2pcs
Surface treatment Electrophoresis and powder coating
Dry Part: One Arm
Arm Length 400mm
Level Rotation ≤340°
Net loading capacity ≤150kg

One side:

Equipment Shelves Three layers (height-adjustable) Anti-collision design for filleted corner
Standard Gas Outlets: 1*Oxygen, 1*Vacuum, 1*Medical Air Optional :
1. Colors and shapes for distinction 
2. Using cycle more than 20,000 times
3. Using Second Sealing technology with 3 statuses (open, stop, pull), can be maintained with gas. 
Brake System Pneumatic brake ——
Electrical sockets: 6pcs 220V, 10A
Grounding terminal: 2pcs 220V, 10A
Network interface: 1pc RJ45
Injection Pump: 1 set
I.v pole: 1 set
Drawer: 1 pc                                                                 
Wet Part: One Arm
Arm Length 400mm
Level Rotation ≤340°
Net loading capacity ≤150kg

The Other Side

Equipment Shelves Two layers (height-adjustable) anti-collision design for filleted corner
Standard Gas Outlets 1*Oxygen, 1*Vacuum, 1*Medical Air Optional :
1. colors and shapes for distinction 
2. Using cycle more than 20,000 times
3. Using Second Sealing technology with 3 statuses (open, stop, pull),   can be maintained with gas.  
Brake System Pneumatic brake ——
Electrical sockets 6pcs 220V, 10A
Grounding terminal 2pcs 220V, 10A
Injection Pump 1 set Infusion Pump:1 set
Drawer 1pc Storage Basket 1pc

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