AG-AJY001 UV Disinfection and Sterilization Robot

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AG-AJY001 UV Disinfection and Sterilization Robot

♦ Appearance design:
• The shell is made of engineering plastics and aluminum alloy. It is antibacterial and easy to wipe.
• Dimensions: 54cm long, 58cm wide and 160cm high.
Application scenario:
• Transportation hub: airport, railway station, bus station, subway station. 
• Consumption place: Hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, cinema. 
• Administrative organ: prison, court, procuratorate, traffic control bureau. 
• Medical institution: isolation ward, operating room, waiting area. 
• Business unit: office, production workshop, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory. 
• Residential community: Community Service center, public corridor.

Hardware parameters:
• Processor: Intel® J1900 Quad-core 2.0Hz.
• Chipset: Intel® Bay trail SOC chipset.
• Autonomous navigation: multi-sensor fusion navigation scheme based on at least 3 types of sensors (laser ray/speedometer/gyroscope).
• Intelligent obstacle avoidance: The robot can flexibly avoid any obstacles. It is able to avoid any obstacles under low light condition.
• Motor torque: 8.1Nm (high load but low power consumption).
• The chassis has a suspension system, which can stabilize the robot while it traverses a threshold.

Operating parameters:
• Moving speed: 0.45m/s (in the navigation mode)
• High-precision laser positioning, laser measuring precision: 2cm
• Turning performance: 360° zero-radius turning
• Routine operating time: ≥ 4 hours
• It achieves autonomous movement, autonomous navigation and smart obstacle avoidance.
• You can pause the robot while it is working. It can continue its mission after the pause mode is disabled.
• The robot is capable of controlling the automatic opening/closing of electric doors via the Internet of Things.
• The robot is compatible with the extension of elevator control solutions, achieving floor-to-floor operations in different areas.
• It does not need to rebuild the environment and add path and positioning marks. The robot realizes autonomous navigation in the whole process.
• The robot supports autonomous recharging. When the power is low, it returns for charging, thus ensuring continuous operation.
• Automatically detect the personnel in the working area, and automatically stop the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp when there is a person
Disinfection mode:
The robot can automatically patrol for sterilization and disinfection in the predetermined area. In addition, two disinfection modes can be set:
  a. Mode
 1: Air circulating sterilization and disinfection. 
The sterilization and disinfection is equipped with high-power UV lamps.
•  Air flows into the UV sterilization channel through the purification and circulation system.
•  The robot is capable of killing microorganisms in the air, such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses, and has significant effects on harmful microorganisms
in aerosols and the like. At the same time, PM2.5, formaldehyde, TOVC and other harmful substances in the air can be eliminated due to HEPA filtration.
•  The robot can work continuously in 24h, and the personal safety of staff in the working area is protected through infrared induction.
  b. Mode 2: UV sterilization and disinfection.
The robot is turned on in an unmanned state through infrared induction, and the sterilization and disinfection center will emit the condensed UV beams to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which prevents cross infection in high-risk areas and makes air purified.
The working time can be set automatically based on the disinfection scenario.
Multi-point and 360-degree surface disinfection can be performed around the disinfection target in the disinfection process.
Disinfection performance:
• Man machine co-existence, no harmful residue.
• Wide range of disinfection, independent operation, independent charging.
• Strong sterilization and disinfection ability: two disinfection and sterilization modes of air circulation and ultraviolet, with a maximum disinfection rate of 99.99%, effectively preventing cross infection in high-risk areas.
• Condensed UV beams can effectively kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, with a maximum disinfection rate of 99.99%.

 Disinfection Parameter Comparison:
MERS-CoV Novel Coronavirus(2019-nCoV) SARS-CoV
UV disinfection dose UV disinfection dose (estimate) UV disinfection dose
Log1(90%)=21J/m² Log1(90%)=21J/m² Log1(90%)=21J/m²
Log2(99%)=42J/m² Log2(99%)=42J/m² Log2(99%)=42J/m²
Log3(99.9%)=63J/m² Log3(99.9%)=63J/m² Log3(99.9%)=63J/m²
Log4(99.99%)=84J/m² Log4(99.99%)=84J/m² Log4(99.99%)=84J/m²
Ebola-Virus Nfluenza A virus Influenza A virus
Subtype H7N9 subtype H1N1
UV disinfection dose UV disinfection dose UV disinfection dose
Log1(90%)=55J/m² Log1(90%)=34J/m² Log1(90%)=34J/m²
Log2(99%)=110J/m² Log2(99%)=68J/m² Log2(99%)=68J/m²
Log3(99.9%)=165J/m² Log3(99.9%)=102J/m² Log3(99.9%)=102J/m²
Log4(99.99%)=220J/m² Log4(99.99%)=136J/m² Log4(99.99%)=136J/m²
♦ After-Sales Service
Quality Warranty:12 months. During the 12 months’ maintenance period, for the problem that caused by our design, manufacture and the material quality, we are responsible for offering the relevant parts and effective services for free for above reason. We will offer a widely and favorable technical support, after-sales service all the time after guarantee period.
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