Medical Fetal Monitor with LED Display AG-BZ011

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Advanced A8 Mainboard with Linux OS

Foldable 12.1 Inches LED display

12-Crystal Doppler Transducer for Accurate Detection

Large Capacity Storage Space

FHR Signal Quality Indicator

Configurable Audible and Flashing Fetal Heart Rate Alarms


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Medical Fetal Monitor with LED Display AG-BZ011

AG-BZ011 fetal monitor is used to measure and record the heart rate and breathing of a fetus with the foldable 12.1 inches high-brightness LED display. The fetal monitor can also be used to determine the position of the fetus in the womb. Fetal monitors are usually used during labor and delivery, but may also be used during other periods of pregnancy.

This fetal monitor is the best seller on You can search the records with patient ID, name, and mobile number on this fetal monitor, which has a large capacity storage space, and 8640 hours of memory for fetal traces.


1. Newly advanced A8 mainboard with Linux OS, more stable and safe, the calculating speed is 4 times faster than traditional products

2. Foldable 12.1 inches high-brightness LED display, touch screen (optional)

3. 12-Crystal doppler transducer for accurate detection (waterproof for option)

4. Supporting operation with keyboard and mouse (optional)

5. Large capacity storage space, 8640 hours of memory for fetal traces

6. Support medical history search by patient ID, name, and mobile number

7. FHR signal quality indicator helps optimize the probe position

8. On-screen scrolling for viewing stored fetal traces

9. Configurable audible and flashing fetal heart rate alarms

10. Cross-Channel Verification (CCV) detects coincidences between all fetal and maternal heart/ pulse rates

11. Supporting Multi-display mode to meet the different clinical requirements, including Fetal-parameter interface, Maternal-parameter interface, Fetal /Maternal-parameter interface, big font, alarm review, ECG review, trend table, trend graph, and OxyCRG display

12. NIBP self-test mode: including overpressure test, static pressure test, and air leakage test.

13. Built-in high-speed thermal printer, printing width can be selectable to 112mm,150mm

14. Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery or AC power from the external power supply

15. Optional build-in wireless network card, supporting wired or wireless connection to the central monitoring station

16. Optional Non-Stress Test (NST) report software allows interpretation of fetal heart rate and TOCO traces, and generates a printed report automatically for a reassuring NST

17. Support HL7 (Health Level Seven, optional)

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