Medical Electric Gynecology Birthing Bed AG-C201A

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Gynecology Birthing Bed Manufacturer

Controlled By an Electric Controller and Foot Pedal

Stainless Steel Material for Easy Cleaning


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Port: Shanghai,China
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Medical Electric Gynecology Birthing Bed AG-C201A

AG-C201A birthing bed is designed for women’s parturition and gynecological operation. Its raising, lowering, reversed Trendelenburg and Trendelenburg, and folding movement of the back section are all controlled by a linear motor as the power system, which can be touched by a micro-controller or foot pedal control. The chassis inside and outside cover are made of stainless steel. The surface has an artistic look and is easy for cleaning, the inserted assistant table and size can be disassembled, so it is easy to operate for doctors.

The birthing bed is composed of the mechanism and the electrical control system. The mechanism is composed of the bed body, the leg frame, the contaminative basin, the auxiliary equipment, and so on. The electric appliance control system is composed of the inside controller, the transmission system, handle controller, foot pedal controller, and so on. 


Dimensions of Table Top

Overall length: 1900mm

Width: 600mm

Dimensions of Leg Section:

Length: 650mm

Width: 600mm

Table Top from floor

Max. Height: 930mm

Min. Height: 680mm

Adjustments of Sections

Back section raised from the horizontal: ≥75°

Back section lowered from the horizontal: ≥5°

Reversed Tendelenburg: ≥15°

Trendelenburg: ≥15°

Height Adjusted: 680mm-930mm

Supply: AC220±10%,50Hz±1Hz

Packing Size:152*94*105    240kg/200kg




Shoulder Rest


Anesthetic Screen


Arm support


Knee Crutch






Contaminative Basin


The obstetric delivery bed can be also used as a Gynecological Exam Chair for general examination by the electric controller or foot controller.

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