Electric Delivery Table AG-C308

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- Electric Delivery Table Manufacturer

- A low-voltage DC motor to drive

- PU seamless polyurethane one-time molding foam Mattress

- Legboard can be moved over 90°


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Port: Shanghai,China
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Electric Delivery Table AG-C308

AG-C308 electric delivery table is designed for obstetrics and other general surgical purposes. This electric delivery table is made up of the main bed (including the backboard, seat board, and leg board), and the controlling part with a hand controller and a footswitch. With fittings as well.

This delivery table uses a low-voltage DC motor to drive. By adjusting the back, seat, and leg boards folding angle, it can meet a variety of therapeutic functions. Including childbirth obstetrics and gynecology, gynecological surgery, diagnosis, treatment, emergency cesarean section, and so on. The obstetric delivery table can be also used as a Gynecological Exam Chair for general examination by the electric controller or foot controller.


This product is suitable for general surgery of obstetrics and gynecology.

Size of the tabletop:1900 mm×600 mm
Lifting range:660mm-960mm
Backboard folding up: ≥ 75°
Backboard folding down:≥ 17°
Seat board folding up:≥ 40°
Sear board folding down:≥ 5°
Supply Voltage:220V±22V
Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
Input power:300VA
Working mode:Short-term load continuous operation
Equipment category: Non-AP / APG equipment
Enclosure rating: IPX4
Equipment safety:classification I type B
Fuse models and specifications: T3AL250V(Φ5×20mm)
Packing:1550*820*875mm 220KG

Tips About This Electric Delivery Table

1)This model uses a low-voltage DC motor to drive, safe maintenance. 

2) Please turn off the power when not used. 

3)It must be used on an anti-static floor. 

4)  Molded polyurethane mattress using adsorption, shape stability, and has antistatic properties. 

5)Please read the instruction before use. 

6)Before using this product, please follow the manual maintenance of disinfection methods. 

7)This product is used in packaging materials are taken into account the impact on the environment, can 100% recycled 

★ Timber  ★ Steel  ★ Polyethylene film bag  ★ Polyethylene Bubble Film 

Keep packaging materials and wastes sent to the designated trash collection after classification. 

8)The end of the product life scrap processing, according to local health and epidemic prevention laws and regulations requires bed capacity to classify scrap.

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