Hydraulic Gynecology Table AG-C403

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Hydraulic Gynecology Table Manufacturer

Controlled by Foot Brake

304 high-quality stainless steel Accessories

Hydraulic Gynecology Table AG-C403

This multi-functional hydraulic gynecology table operated by foot is carefully designed by Medwish according to the medical industry standards and produced by learning from foreign advanced technologies. The gynecology table is used for gynecology and obstetrics childbirth, gynecological operation, and diagnostic examination and has multiple medical functions including emergency cesarean operation.

Concealed casters are used in the table design, and a foot brake is used to control the fixation and movement of the table. The gynecology table has functions of integrated lifting, back and forth inclination, and turning of a backboard. A hydraulic system is used to lift the whole gynecology table, the back and forth inclination and the backboard replication are operated by a handwheel, the gynecology table is easy to operate, an outer cover, a table board, and a dirt basin are all made from 304 high-quality stainless steel, and the table is beautiful in appearance and easy to sterilize and clean. 

The mattress is shaped by the disposable foaming of high-quality imported polyurethane leather, without fading and leakage, and with easy cleaning and corrosion resistance.

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ModelAG-C403 Hydraulic Gynecology Table
Length of  the bed surface ≥1850mm
Width of  the bed surface≥600mm
Length of the auxiliary table≥550mm
Width of the auxiliary table≥500mm
Lowest height of  the bed surface≥660mm
The front inclination of the bed surface≥10°
The back inclination of  the bed surface≥15°
Up-folding of backboard ≥70°
Down-folding of backboard≥18°
Adjustment of Ieg-putting frameRandom

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