Electric Maternity Bed with Remote Control AG-C500

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Electric Maternity Bed with Remote Control AG-C500

AG-C500 Electric Maternity Bed is designed for various stages in delivering a baby, like expectant mothers, childbirth, and restoration of postpartum. Medwish AG-C500 electric maternity bed's whole part is made from high-quality ABS materials, main of the bed is covering flux, perfect for expectant mothers. With a stylish design and four independent brake foot-wheels, our electric maternity bed is both practical and elegant. And because it uses a high-quality electric vat for saving electricity, it is also economical to operate, which features low noise, is waterproof, long life span.


1. Electric Maternity Bed consists of two parts: mechanical and electro control system.

2. The movements like up-and-down of the whole bed, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, folding of the back section is electrical controlled and operated by micro-controller or foot pedal control.

3. Adjustable pneumatic spring in footplate is adopted in order to achieve the reasonability of the human body, helps the mother’s delivery smoothly;

4. Hidden dirt basin is equipped under the tabletop, and the detachable auxiliary table is also available, which can be adjusted according to clinical needs;

5. Legs' support, handle and barriers of the legs are removable. When the maternal is delivering, leg support and handle should be installed at the corresponding position. The guardrail can be installed in the corresponding place before or after childbirth.

6. Bedside panels are strength plastic molded, railings for high strength plastic or stainless steel. They can be easily hidden loading and unloading.

7. Castor central control system, can also be a mobile and flexible solid lock.

8. This product is equipped with an emergency power supply, and emergency power is the lead-acid battery which you can automatically charge, When net power is off, the emergency power source can automatically jump to working condition. Emergency power has a charging light. When the green light is bright, it means it is charging. After the power is sufficient, the light turns off.

9. With brake unlock alarm system.


Overall Length
Max Height
Min Height680±50mm
Back Section Raised from the horizontal
Leg section opened
Reversed Trendelenburg
Safe Working Load
Guardrail safety workload
Bed frame (the end of the bed frame) security workload
Saltwater bottle rack safety workload
Handle safety workload
Leg support safety workload
The quality of electric obstetrics hospital bed160Kg
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