Labour Delivery OBGYN Bed AG-C501

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  • LDR Bed for Maternal Care
  • Can be used for birthing and recovery
  • Operating with the electric motor
  • Hidden dirt basin
  • Detachable auxiliary table

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Port: Shanghai,China
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Labour Delivery OBGYN Bed AG-C501

AG-C501 LDR OBGYN Bed is for clinical institutions to perform gynecological examinations, the natural delivery, and this LDR OBGYN bed can be also used as the recovery hospital bed after birthing.

The whole lifting, forward and backward tilting, backplate turning, seat plate turning and auxiliary table lifting of the electric delivery bed adopt advanced electric push rod, button operation, and optional foot controller. provides different types of LDR OBGYN beds for sal from experienced medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers for OBGYN rooms, including manual LDR beds and electric LDR beds.

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Bed sizeFull length: 1900±100mm
Width: 850±150mm
Bed heightThe lowest surface of the bed: 680±150mm
The highest height of the bed surface: ≥950±150mm
The highest surface of the bed: ≥930±150mm
Stroke: ≥250mm
The maximum range of bed surface adjustmentFold on the back panel: ≥50°
Seat folding: ≥12°
Folding on footplate: ≥40°
Foot abduction: ≥90°
Lean in front of the bed: ≥1°
Back tilt of bed surface: ≥12°
Auxiliary table lifting: ≥120mm
Lifting speed of bed surface: 3~16mm/s
Safe working load: 135kg
LDR Bed PackagePacking Size:2050*1130*1045mm 
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I brought 10 sets for my hospital.It runs well.

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