Hospital Video Laryngoscope AG-HJ002

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Video Laryngoscope Manufacturer

Built-in 16GTF Card

Available External Monitor

HD CCD camera

Hospital Video Laryngoscope AG-HJ002

AG-HJ002 Video Laryngoscope is a portable handheld type, which belongs to class II, non-waterproof ordinary type.


Types: class II, non-waterproof ordinary type 
Application part: blade
Input power: ~220V;50/60HZ
Input power of adapter: 30VA
Output voltage: 4.2-12V
Run mode: continuous operation
Resolution ratio:960*480, ≥3.51LP/mm



DisplaySize: 3"
Resolution ratio: 1600*1200
Power: 12V
Backlight: LED
Upper and lower pivoting angle: 0-130°
Left and right pivoting angle:0-270°

Data output

Convenient for the establishment and storage with the built-in 16GTF card

Image output

The external display is available, and convenient for teaching and demonstration

Blade(with camera

Resolution ratio:2 million high-definition CCD camera
Power: 12V
Blade: Suitable for different patients, the lens and camera can be disassembled during disinfection, and the unique design can greatly avoid damage to the camera
Field angle: ≧90°
Illuminance: ≧800LUX


Type: High-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable batteries / 2 cells (up to 300 minutes standby time for each full battery)
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 3000mAh
Number of charge cycles:>500
Charge time:<4h

Power adapter

Charging interface input polarity:inside +, outside -
Charger input: 100-250V,50Hz
Charger output: 4.2V-12V,1000mA

Transportation /storage

Temperature: -10℃~﹢40℃
Humidity: ≤93%
Atmospheric pressure: 500hPa to 1060hPa

Working environments

Temperature: -10℃~﹢40℃
Humidity: 30%~85%
Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa to 1060hpa

Unique Antifogging Function

No need to be warmed up can withstand fog as soon as a boot with the world’s most advanced anti-fog technology.

Total weight

The whole instrument is 210g, very light, convenient, high permeability

Position of camera

The video laryngoscope’s vertical distance between the camera angle and the front of the blades is less than or equal to 45 mm. 45 mm visual distance design, maximize the camera focal length definition. Vision without blind area, endotracheal intubation more accurate, clearly identify the structure of the throat and distinguish the difference between esophageal entrance and airway entrance, avoid the blind puncture and buff puncture.

The function of the Camera and Video

Put a one key photograph button, speed responses quickly, and humanized design. And can even pick up continuously.

Unique metal connection elements: the connection between the blade and handle

The connection between blade and handle adapts to the latest lock technology, and the blade fixed support is made of high-strength metal. Safety performance will be maximized, all the joints are 304 medical stainless steel.

Handle shape, length, comfortable short handle design

The operator can hold it conveniently and comfortably, and this laryngoscope can reduce the effects caused by the chest insert operation.

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