Single Arm Ceiling Halogen Light Shadowless OT Light AG-LT017A

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Lightweight Pendant System

Imported Balance Arms

High-Quality Disinfect Handle


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Single Arm Ceiling Halogen Light Shadowless OT Light AG-LT017A

AG-LT017A Shadowless OT Light is mainly used to meet the needs of different lighting in the operating room. It is fully enclosed streamlined single / dual-lamp body structure, fully meeting the high standards of disinfection and laminar flow in today's operating room. Using CAD / CAM technology to create the overall reflection optical system, deep illumination; use of color temperature compensation technology to improve color rendering, be more suitable for brain surgery, thoracic surgery, and other large complex lighting operation.

The shadowless OT Light is mainly made from a roof, fixture, rotating arm, balance arm, frame, zonal bracket, lamp, lighting systems, and electrical control system. 


ModelAG-LT017A Single Arm Ceiling Halogen Light Shadowless OT Light
Content Lamp diameter500mm  
Center illuminance80klx~120klx  
Spot diameter(d10)≥120mm
Spot diameter(d50)≥60mm
Light beam depth≥450mm

AG-LT017A shadowless OT light is equipped with a lightweight pendant system, imported balance arms, six groups of joint interaction, and mobile, stable positioning. all-around 360-degree designed to meet the surgery needs of different heights and angles.

Excellent flow purification, disinfection, mirror design, and replacement for light bulb

A fully streamlined design according to aerodynamics, is used to be conducive to the application of cleaning and disinfection, reducing the risk of surgical infection in the operating room.

Translucent lamp base with 2 anti-vibration, anti-disinfectant materials, which is durable, and easy to clean.

Not changed because of radiation, clean and long-term usage.

The handle can be pulled down and pushed up, to adjust the focus; can be used for sterilization with a soaking solution or high temperature.

The automatic monitoring and filling-in system of the main bulb and spare bulb enable full supply not to affect the surgery. When replacing the lamp, unscrew the three screws on the lamp panel handle, and pull the handle body down.  The replacement process is simple and quick and the handle can be disinfected.

The multi-specular reflection system is designed by a computer, each lamp body with more than 3800 multi-mirror reflective systems to form a uniform light beam.

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