LED Shadowless Ceiling Mounted Surgical Lights For Operating Room AG-LT022

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LED Shadowless Ceiling Mounted Surgical Lights For Operating Room AG-LT022

This AG-LT022 ceiling-mounted surgical light is an important piece of equipment in any medical facility that performs surgery. It is a specialized light that is designed to provide optimal lighting for surgical procedures. LED Shadowless ceiling-mounted surgical lights are usually installed in pairs, and each light is adjustable so that the surgeon can direct the light exactly where it is needed. These lights are typically very bright, and they can be focused so that they do not create any glare or reflections that could potentially interfere with the surgeon's vision.

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AG-LT022 LED Shadowless Surgical Light offers :

* Continuous lighting: The whole shadowless lamp head consists of 48~152 high-brightness LEDs,5, 6, 7, etc. are connected in series to form a group,8 to 24 groups in parallel, Each group is independent of each other. If one or two groups are damaged and malfunction occurs, the remaining groups can still be lit continuously

* The average service life of the light source (also known as the light engine module) is 30,000 hours.

Streamlined shape, with low air damping coefficient, can be used in high-demand purification operating room

Reasonable heat dissipation design improves the service life of LED light-emitting diodes and the use time of equipment

Sterilizable handle to ensure that the operation and control of the lamp holder is in a sterile state during the operation

The electrical systems of the combined products are independent and comply with Fail-safe; the electrical failure of a single lamp holder does not affect the normal operation of other lamp holders

Equipped with a lightweight balance arm suspension system, Six groups of universal joints linkage, Lightweight movement, stable positioning, 360° all-round design to meet any height and angle during surgery


Content: Single lamp holder
Center illuminance: 40klx≤Ec≤160klx
Spot diameter(d10): d10≥120mm
Spot diameter(d50): ≥d10/2
Beam depth: ≥700mm

Shadowless Surgical LED Lights Function

The remaining illuminance when a baffle is used to block the beam: ≥20%
The remaining illuminance when two baffles are used to block the beam: ≥30%
Residual illuminance at the bottom of the standard deep cavity tube: ≥45%
The remaining illuminance at the bottom of the standard deep cavity tube when a baffle is used to block the beam: ≥15%
The remaining illuminance at the bottom of the standard deep cavity tube when the beam is blocked by two baffles: ≥20%

Color temperature: 3500K≤Tc≤5000K
Color rendering index: 85≤Ra≤100
Maximum illuminance(Ee):≤1000w/m2  
The ratio of irradiance Ee to illuminance Ec: ≤6mW/(m2﹒lx)


Mechanical properties

The rotating arm rotates around the fixed seat: ≥360°
The balance arm rotates around the rotating arm: ≥300°
The stand rotates around the balance arm: ≥300°
Weft support rotation: ≥180°
The lamp holder rotates around the weft support:  ≥180°
The balance arm moves up and down: up≥40°, down≥40°

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