LED Shadowless Operating OT Lights AG-LT023

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- LED Shadowless Operating OT Lights

- Buckle-type detachable disinfection handle

- OSRAM LED lamp beads with the life of 50,000 hours

- One-key switch


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LED Shadowless Surgical Operating OT Lights AG-LT023

AG-LT023 LED surgical shadowless operating OT light is suitable for the lighting needs of various surgical occasions and is ideal lighting equipment for modern operating rooms and clean operating rooms.

LED Shadowless operating OT Light is also named as operation light, OT light, OR light, and operating room light. Medwish can supply different types of operating lights online, including Halogen and LED operating lights, or double-head and single-head operating lights.

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OT Light Introduction

1. Ideal cold light effect. 

Using advanced LED as the cold light source for OT lighting, there is almost no temperature rise in the doctor's head and wound area. 

2. The light holder adopts the overall disc-shaped design, the light spot is more uniform; the streamlined, ultra-thin design, the thickness of the lamp plate is less than 10cm, and the excellent laminar flow effect can be obtained; 

3. Reliable circuit design. 

With PWM step-less dimming, uniform brightness adjustment, wide adjustment range, and no flicker. 

 4. Continuous lighting: 

The entire shadowless ot light head is composed of 51/81 high-brightness white LEDs, 7/12 connected in series to form a group, which is called a high-brightness LED string, which is formed by 6 groups in parallel.

5. Gesture sensing: 

The sensor detects gestures, which can realize non-contact brightness adjustment, which is convenient and quick. 

6. Shading Compensation: 

Humanized intelligent shading compensation technology. When the doctor’s head blocks part of the light source, other areas The brightness of the light source will automatically increase to ensure the brightness of the field 

 7. Electric light spot adjustment: 

The control is diversified, and the controller of the handle can adjust the light spot size, which is convenient and fast 

 8. Adjustable color temperature: 

You can increase red and green compensation to improve the color rendering index, which can distinguish different tissue types more clearly, and more accurately identify the truest color of the tissue. 

9. Mutual control of lamp holders: 

The controllers of the two lamp holders can mutually control each other's color temperature, cavity mirror, and camera parameters.

10. One-key switch to endoscope mode, illuminance, and color temperature can be adjusted to meet different surgery needs of the hospital. The LCD screen displays the adjustment status. 

11. The light source adopts OSRAM LED lamp beads, and the lamp beads have a life of 50,000 hours 

12. The shell is made of engineering plastics, inlaid with aviation aluminum top cover, which is unique and has excellent heat dissipation; 

13. The buckle-type detachable disinfection handle is convenient for cleaning and disinfection. 

14. Constant current drive design, so that the working current is always in a stable state, greatly prolonging the service life 

15. New drilling lens design. Excellent optical design, more beautiful appearance, higher light efficiency, and less glare 

16. Adopting PMMA optical lens, with unique condensing technology, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life of the light source 

17. Equipped with a lightweight balance arm suspension system, which is lightweight and stable in positioning. 360°omni-directional design to meet any height and angle during surgery. 

18. The LED operating ot light emits visible light, without infrared and ultraviolet parts, so that there is very little heat. The temperature rise in the operation area is very small, and the average auxiliary illumination energy is only 3.6mw/m2, which is an internationally leading level.

OT Light Specification

Lamp diameter: 700 mm/500 mm

Center illumination: 

40000-160000Lx adjustable
40000-120000Lx adjustable

Spot diameter: ≥180mm
Beam depth: ≥1000 mm
Color temperature: 4000-5000K adjustable
Color rendering index Ra:> 92
Maximum irradiance: 600 W/m2
Light source: LED (1W×81)/LED (1W×51)
Working voltage: AC 100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Machine power: 70W/60W

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