Electro-Hydraulic C Arm Compatible Operating Table AG-OT007

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-  Electro-Hydraulic Surgical Table

- C-ARM available

- One-Key Reset

- Electric Brakes

- Stainless Steel Material


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Electro-Hydraulic C Arm Compatible Operating Table AG-OT007

The electro-hydraulic surgical table consists of two parts: mechanical and electro-hydraulic control systems. Depending on manual operation, the product can meet the requirement of posture in clinical operation.

The surgical table has many other names, such as OT Table, OR Table, Surgical Table, operating room table, Gynecological operating table, Orthopedic operating table, Ophthalmic operating table, etc.

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1. The electro-hydraulic surgical table uses electro-hydraulic systems to control all the movements: 

Height adjustment, Trendelenburg and reversed Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back movements, forward and backward movement, and brake. 

Head section, leg section, and vertical rotation of tabletop are operated by manual operation.

2. The table comprises five sections: head section, back section, waist Section(when optional), sitting section, and leg section. 

The forward and backward movement and 180 °rotation of the tabletop can make C-arm perspective quick and easy.

3. The emergency power supply is Optional. The emergency power supply is made of lead-acid batteries, which can be

automatically charged. The emergency power supply can start to work automatically when the power is off

4. The main material is stainless steel, high-intensity cast iron, aluminum, good solidity. 

5. The mattress of the electro-hydraulic surgical table is made of a high-density sponge covered with artificial leather or formed by

the integral foam of polyurethane material, which has antistatic properties

6. The appearance of the stainless steel round cover and base is nice and elegant. The cover is dust-proof and water-proof. The

table is stable and practical.

7. Equipped with electric brakes, which are easy to transport, transfer, and clean.


SizeOverall Length 2050mm*500mm       
Safe working load 250kg
Table heightlowest≤600mm, highest≥950mm
Kidney Bridge Elevated(Optional)≥80mm
Lateral tiltleft≥15°
Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburgreverse trend≥25°
Head section turningup≥45°down≥90°
Back section turningup≥30°down≥75°
Leg section turning down≥90°
The leg section swing-out≥90°

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