Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table with SUS304 Stainless Steel Accessories AG-OT650

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- Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

- Full Multiple Surgical Application

- 304 Stainless Steel Accessories

- Antistatic Management Mattress

One key level reset


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Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table with SUS304 Stainless Steel Accessories AG-OT650

Electro-Hydraulic Operating Tables also named OT Tables, OR Tables, are widely utilized in a variety of surgical treatments, including cardiac surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, gall bladder surgery, and plastic surgery, not focused on a single aspect. Rather, it is designed for versatility and adaptation across a broad range of operations.

AG-OT650 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table is for use in a full range of surgeries, all the operating table accessories are made of SUS304 stainless steel, all surface is easy to clean and disinfect.

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Table Length: 2082mm(L)*520mm(W)*700mm~1040mm(H)

Tabletop lift distance: 340mm 

Trendelenburg/Reverse: 30°/30°

Lateral Tilt(left/right): 20°/20°

Head Plate Up/Down: 60°/90°

Back Plate Up/Down: 75°/50° (hand, optional electric)

Leg Plate Up/Down: 30°/90° 

Kidney: 130mm (hand, optional electric)

Kidney-bridge elevator up: 120mm

Weight Capacity: 300kg

Flex Position: 105°  45° 30°

Reflex Position: 230° 20°  30°

Longitudinal Sliding: 300mm

One key level reset: YES

Battery:2 each, 12 V/12Ah, maintenance-free,lead-acid

Battery recharge time:≥8H

Battery Life(Full Charge): 50 complete position changes

Manual adjustment: Upper headrest, leg plates split

Motor-powered adjustment:Height,Lateral tilt,Trendelenburg/Reverse,Back Plate Flex,Reflex, 300mm Longitudinal shift,one key level reset

Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table Package Details:



Packing Size: 1300*800*1100mm

Medwish Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

Medwish Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

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