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Homepage Overview

Homepage Overview
1. First enter the website, the banner you see first is the automatic page flip, we will put the important event information of the platform here.
2. The next shows the hospital departments introduction picture, which can quickly find the product group and product under the department.
3. The featured products section, the main product will be placed here.
4. Website poster section, which is the event promotion section.
5. Top sellers section, here are all of hot-selling products. If you want to see the reviews of the products you have bought, you can check them here.
6. New products section and live broadcast section, the new product will be displayed by live broadcast, mainly for product introduction, live broadcast event will be promoted here.
7. Discounts, Promotions, and Time-limited spike activity will be showed in this section. Products with events are viewed here.
8. "Recommendations For You" section, according to the browsing history,  recommend the right product for you.
9. Browsing historysection,browsing history shows in this section.
10. Certificates and Services section, These certificates are a commonly used for the medical device industry,  also necessary for export to certain countries. “Our services” section includes “Safe Payment”, “Product Inspection”, “Logistics Service ”and “After-sales Service”.
11. Featured services and a brief overview. Currently provide services are inspection and free insurance, which is relatively rare in the traditional B2B and B2C platforms.
12. Related terms and operation introduction information include in this section. On the right is the mailbox subscription information, enter the mailbox to subscribe to the platform information, to ensure that promotional and event information is not missed. Social media, click here to follow the Medwish social media account.
13. Medwish supports online and offline payments. Currently supported payment methods include: credit card, paypal, Western Union, American express, Moneygram, L/C, T/T.
14. The shortcut information on the right side, can quickly view all information about the account and the Menu , and return to the top with one click on “Top”.
15. Search for the desired product by keyword search.
16. Or search by product grouping, desired product grouping.
17. You can also quickly filter the products you need through the left and upper (including certificates, sales, reviews, attributes, etc.) filter criteria.
18. Browse the product by clicking on the product you want to select and browsing the product's details page.
19. View the product details page and select the product optional.
20. Product support PDF documents downloading, adding to favorites, sharing to social media.
21. Product portfolio purchase, some bundled promotion products will be displayed here.
22. Product details page parameter introduction.
23. By browse the product details page, If the product needs to be purchased, select the optional and click “Add to Cart” to proceed to the next step.
24. After all products have been added, go to the shopping cart page and click “Checkout ” to enter the settlement page.
25. If you have not registered your account, click “Join Free ” to register your Medwish buyer account.
26. Buyer registration information. Fill in the registration information, the following information needs to be filled in correctly before proceeding to the next step mailbox verification.
27. Click here for mailbox verification.
28. Go to the mailbox, check the verification information, “Click Here”
29. Enter the mailbox and choose to go back to the home page.
30. Existing account,log in, enter account number, password
31. After the login is successful, fill in the receipt information and choose logistics and insurance.
32. Choose payment method and make payment
33. Order completed
34. After the purchase is completed, click on the buyer backstage to view the purchased order and account information.
35. Using feedback
36.“Suppliers”Supplier entering page
37.“Buyers”Buyer page
38. Category, Product Grouping
39. Recommended for you; Customers who bought this item also bought;Your recently viewed item

The Medwish platform provides a complete set of medical equipment,including electric/manual medical bed,hospital crib, ICU pendant, hospital trolley/stretcher, operating table, hospital chairs, patient monitors, etc.
The Medwish platform accepts online payments including PayPal, credit card (VISA/Mastercard/American Express), as well as traditional T/T, L/C, West Union, Money Gram. We guarantee 100% payment security.
The Medwish team provides full-time quality control services to ensure that our clients receive high quality products.
The Medwish team will cooperate with Huatai Property Insurance Co., Ltd. to ensure that the goods receives financial compensation upon losses caused by natural disasters or accidents during the transportation process.