Payment Service Agreement


1. Overview

1.1. In order to maintain and optimize Medwish business order and better protect the legal rights of Medwish users. Specially formulated this rule.

2. Basic definitions

2.1. Buyer

2.1.1. Buyer: Medwish users who sign online orders and purchase products on Medwish.

2.2. The seller

2.2.1. Seller: Medwish users who sign online orders and sell products on Medwish.

2.3. Online orders

2.3.1. Refers to the sale and purchase contract between the buyer and the seller through the Medwish online trading system.

2.4. Payment instructions

2.4.1. The buyer may use his own unit bank account or entrust others to make order payment. When entrusting others to pay, the buyer shall keep the entrusted payment certificate intact.

2.5. Settlement currency

2.5.1. Online orders are settled in U.S. dollars. The technical service fees involved in this rule are calculated in US dollars, and the income and expenditure.

2.6. Technical service fee

2.6.1. The cost of the technical service for secure payment is borne by the seller (automatically calculated and included in the online order payment). Medwish reserves the right to adjust technical service fees and how to collect them.

2.7. Bank fees

2.7.1. Refers to the fees charged by banks or third-party financial institutions in the course of transaction revenue and expenditure, which is borne by the recipient. Both buyers and sellers should bear the risk of exchange rate changes themselves.

2.8. Order time limit

2.8.1. The Medwish online trading system sets a certain operating time limit for both buyers and sellers on online orders. Both parties should respond in a timely manner.

2.9. Logistics

2.9.1. Buyers and sellers can choose the logistics channel for delivery through negotiation. This should be truly traceable.

2.10. Transaction payments

2.10.1. If the buyer pays the advance payment and no later payment is made, the advance payment will not be refunded.Production, logistics and booking, the costs incurred in advance will be borne by the buyer.

3. Dispute resolution

3.1. In addition to the online orders recorded in the Medwish online trading system and the documents submitted through the system as direct evidence, the parties to the complaint may also provide the following supporting information:
3.1.1. Written communication records of the buyer and the seller regarding the transaction;
3.1.2. Cargo quality inspection report;
3.1.3. Other evidence materials that can prove their claim.

3.2. If the evidence shows that the seller has violated the online order-related rules, Medwish will sentence the seller to breach of contract, request the seller to refund the corresponding amount and impose a corresponding penalty on the seller.

3.3. After the buyer receives the refund, the relevant online order is terminated.

4. Online order closes

4.1. No party has responded within the operating time limit. For example, the seller confirms that the order, the buyer's payment, and the seller's delivery have time-out operations;

4.2. After the buyer has paid the payment and before the seller delivers the goods, both parties agree to cancel the online order;

4.3. Medwish decided to close the online order after accepting the complaint application and making a decision on the verdict;

4.4. The performance of the buyer and seller or the trading contract violates or is suspected of violating laws, regulations, policies, rules, authority or order, or Medwish service agreement, website policy and rules;

4.5. One of the parties was closed for Medwish account for any reason, or the contract could not be fulfilled due to penalties.

5. Other regulations

5.1. You acknowledge and agree that this website has the right to modify the terms and related rules from time to time, and that the revised content will become effective once it is published on this website and replace the previous relevant content.

5.2. Any user who does not agree to an updated version of this rule or rule shall immediately terminate the use of the order's trading rules. By ordering and executing online orders or using order trading rules, users will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these rules.

5.3. When the order amount is 3,000 USD or less, you can choose to pay by credit card & T/T. If the order amount is higher than 3,000 USD, you can only pay by T/T.

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