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Registration Agreement

Buyer Registration Agreement


Please read these terms and conditions carefully!

1. Confirmation and acceptance of service terms

1.1. Welcome to Medwish.com (the “Website”). The following lists the terms and conditions that apply to your access to and use of the Website. The services provided by this website will be strictly enforced in full accordance with the terms of service and operating rules it publishes. When you confirm all terms of service and completing the registration process, this agreement both established and legally effective, and you become an official user of this website.

1.2. You acknowledge and agree that this website has the right to modify the terms of this Agreement and related rules from time to time. The revised content will become effective once it is published on this website and replace the previous relevant content. You should pay attention to the changes in this website's announcements, tips, agreements, rules, etc. from time to time. By accessing the website or using the service, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms. If you do not accept all terms, please do not use the service or website.

The user clicks and agrees to this agreement, not only as a user to confirm that he has the corresponding rights ability and behavioral ability, to enjoy the service of this website, ordering and other services, but also to confirm that the user has the ability to independently assume legal responsibilities.

1.4. This agreement may not be modified in any other way without the written authorization of authorized personnel of this website

2. Information Services

2.1. You must register as a member on the website to access and use certain services. This website reserved to restrict access to or use of certain services (or any features within the Services) to the user's rights.

2.2. This website provides users with Internet information and other services through the Internet. The user has the right to use the related services of this website only when he fully agrees with this agreement and the provisions of this website.

3. User personal information and authorization

3.1. You understand and agree that in order to facilitate your use of the related services of this website, this website will store the necessary information for your use. Except for laws and regulations, this website will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your permission.

3.2. You understand and confirm that you need to provide real identity information in the process of registering your account or using this website. This website will verify the true identity information of buyers in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations. If the information provided by you is untrue or incomplete, you cannot use this website or be restricted in its use. A series of expenses due to incomplete information is at the buyer's expense.

3.3. You must read the privacy policy of this website, which governs the protection and use of personal information held by users of this website. You accept the terms of the Privacy Policy and agree to use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

3.4. A user can only register a member account on the website. The user may not lend the account registered on this website to others, otherwise the user shall bear all the resulting responsibility.

4. User's responsibilities and obligations

4.1. The User warrants and agrees that such information and materials submitted during the course of or after registration in the use of the entire website or service are true, accurate, current and complete. And you will retain and promptly modify all information and materials to ensure that it is true, accurate, up-to-date and complete.

4.2. This agreement is made in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules. You agree to strictly abide by the following obligations:
4.2.1. True, accurate, complete and legal;
4.2.2. Does not contain information that discriminates based on race, sex, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age or promotes discrimination;
4.2.3. Does not violate any applicable laws and regulations (including but not limited to the management of export controls, consumer protection, unfair competition or false advertising) or promotion may violate any applicable laws and regulations;
4.2.4. Not transmit or publish: incitement to resist and undermine the Constitution and the implementation of speech laws and administrative regulations. Incitement to subvert state power and overthrow the socialist system of speech, incitement to split the country and undermine national unity remarks. Incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity of speech;
4.2.5. When transferring data information from overseas, it must comply with relevant laws and regulations;
4.2.6. Do not interfere with the normal operation of this website, and must not invade this website and the National Computer Information System;
4.2.7. It shall not transmit or publish any illegal, criminal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or uncivilized information materials.
4.2.8. It is not allowed to transmit or publish information materials or statements that impair the public interests of the state and involve national security;
4.2.9. Do not teach others to engage in conduct prohibited by these Terms;
4.2.10. Do not use the account registered on this website for profit-making business activities;
4.2.11. Do not release any content that infringes the privacy, personal information, copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights or legal rights of others;
4.2.12. You must take legal responsibility for your opinions and behaviors on the Internet. If you distribute and spread reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates the laws of the country on this website, the system records of this website may serve as evidence of your violation of the law.

5. User liability for breach of contract

5.1. If this website finds or receives complaints from others about your breach of this agreement, this website reserves the right to delete or block the relevant content at any time without notice. Depending on the circumstances of the violation, the offending account shall be punished by penalties including, but not limited to, warnings, restrictions, bans, and cancellations. And announce the result of the processing.

5.2. This website has the right to take appropriate legal action against the violation of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement act in accordance with reasonable judgment take. Save relevant information according to law and report it to relevant departments. You assume all legal responsibility.

5.3. You understand and agree that you shall be solely responsible for any claims, demands or losses caused by third parties as a result of your breach of this Agreement or related terms of service. If this website suffers losses, you should also pay compensation.

5.4. Medwish makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the operation of this website and the information, content, materials, products or services contained on this website, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing.

6. Trading between buyers and sellers

6.1. This website is responsible for providing an electronic network platform for the online exchange of information between buyers and suppliers and the completion of sales and purchase transactions for products and services. This website does not represent a seller or buyer in a particular transaction, whether or not such transactions are made through this website. This website is not responsible for the quality, safety, legality or availability of the products or services sold on the website and the ability of the supplier to complete the sale or the buyer's ability to complete the sale.

6.2. This website uses a variety of techniques to verify the accuracy of information provided by users when they register on the website.

6.3. With the help of the “Buyer and Seller Messaging” service on this website, sellers can communicate with buyers through the Medwish platform. You can contact the buyer directly from the seller’s account or using your authorized email account (if you have a buyer’s encrypted email address previously obtained through buyer and seller messages). Either way, these messages will appear on the "Buyers and Sellers Messages" page.

6.4. Users should take full responsibility for all of the terms and conditions of the transaction by using the website or service. The user agrees to provide all information and materials reasonably requested by the site for your use of the site or service. If the user fails to provide the required information and materials, the website has the right to suspend or terminate any user's account.

7. Ownership and intellectual property provisions

7.1. All transferable rights, such as the property rights that indicate that you proactively took any form of information content published on this website at any time, are exclusively and irrevocably transferred to Medwish.. And you agree that Medwish has the right to sue separately for any subject infringement.

7.2. This Agreement has constituted a written agreement for the transfer of rights to copyright, such as the copyright of the Copyright Law (Article No. is determined in accordance with the Copyright Law 2010 revision) and related laws. Its effect is consistent with the content of any work protected by copyright law that you publish on this website, whether formed before or after the conclusion of this agreement.

7.3. You agree and have fully understood the terms of this agreement and promise not to publish the information published on this site in any form or authorize any other entity to use it in any way. (Including, but not limited to, use on various websites and media)

7.4. Except as otherwise expressly provided for by law, no unit or individual may illegally reproduce, cite, link, crawl, or otherwise use information on this website in any manner without the express written permission of Medwish. Otherwise, Medwish has the right to pursue their legal responsibilities.

7.5. The material information (such as words, diagrams, logos, button icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing and software) published on this website is the property of Medwish or its content providers. The compilation of all content on this website is the exclusive property of Medwish and is protected by international copyright laws.

8. Legal application and dispute resolution

8.1. The establishment, implementation and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws. In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the contents of this Agreement or its implementation, both parties shall use their best efforts to settle the matter through friendly negotiations; when the negotiation fails, either party shall have the right to file a lawsuit in the District Court with jurisdiction.

8.2. If any of this Agreement is deemed to be annulled, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, this Article shall be deemed to be separable and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

8.3. Other rights not expressly authorized by this Agreement are still reserved by Medwish, and you must separately obtain Medwish's written permission to exercise these rights. If Medwish does not exercise any of the foregoing rights, it does not constitute a waiver of that right.

8.4. Please read this article carefully. By clicking the "Agree" button, you are deemed to have fully accepted this Agreement. Before you click, please reconfirm that you have known and fully understand the entire contents of this Agreement.

The Medwish platform provides a complete set of medical equipment,including electric/manual medical bed,hospital crib, ICU pendant, hospital trolley/stretcher, operating table, hospital chairs, patient monitors, etc.
The Medwish platform accepts online payments including PayPal, credit card (VISA/Mastercard/American Express), as well as traditional T/T, L/C, West Union, Money Gram. We guarantee 100% payment security.
The Medwish team provides full-time quality control services to ensure that our clients receive high quality products.
The Medwish team will cooperate with Huatai Property Insurance Co., Ltd. to ensure that the goods receives financial compensation upon losses caused by natural disasters or accidents during the transportation process.