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Secure Payment

Transaction Security Policy

We use the Medwish transaction security policy to win the trust of buyers for all goods and services on the platform. In third-party sellers’ offerings of merchandise, Medwish provides online transaction assurance services to protect the buyer’s payment of goods.

1. Service Content

1.1. The buyer uses online payment to purchase the goods provided by the third-party seller. After the payment is successful, Medwish will settle with the seller after the buyer has accepted the goods and completed the “confirm receipt” operation for 7 days.

1.2. Encourage buyers to contact the seller before filing a claim to try to resolve any issues.

1.3. After the buyer submits the application, the seller will promptly investigate the buyer's report within 48 hours and refund the buyer if necessary.

2. Precautions

2.1. The seller should accurately describe the product and provide a clear picture, eliminating the buyer's confusion about the expected product.

2.2. The seller should properly package, provide tracking information and require the buyer's signature to confirm receipt.

2.3. Confirm immediately after the order is shipped and provide Medwish with tracking information. After the seller confirms delivery, Medwish will send a shipping confirmation email to the buyer with any tracking code provided by the seller.

2.4. Cancel any out of stock orders in time. The seller informs the buyer by email why his order was cancelled so that the buyer does not wait for the delivery of the goods.

3. Reply to claim

3.1. Medwish reserves the right to charge the seller for the amount of the claim paid and to deduct it directly from the deposit paid by the seller.

3.2. If the claim has not been approved, the seller can immediately resolve the claim by issuing a full refund to the buyer. Otherwise, the seller should reply immediately and state his opinions. In some cases, Medwish will advance the buyer’s compensation as soon as the claim is received, even though the investigation has not yet ended. If the claim has not yet been approved, it is still very important for sellers to respond and state their opinions. If the claim has been approved, but the seller objected to this, you can file an appeal.

3.3. The specific appeal methods are as follows:
3.3.1. Send an email to info@medwish.com and we will respond to the appeal within 24 hours.
3.3.2. Send an email to info@medwish.com for immediate help;


The Medwish platform provides a complete set of medical equipment,including electric/manual medical bed,hospital crib, ICU pendant, hospital trolley/stretcher, operating table, hospital chairs, patient monitors, etc.
The Medwish platform accepts online payments including PayPal, credit card (VISA/Mastercard/American Express), as well as traditional T/T, L/C, West Union, Money Gram. We guarantee 100% payment security.
The Medwish team provides full-time quality control services to ensure that our clients receive high quality products.
The Medwish team will cooperate with Huatai Property Insurance Co., Ltd. to ensure that the goods receives financial compensation upon losses caused by natural disasters or accidents during the transportation process.