’s Second Batch of Medical Equipment for Makeshift Hospital Arrived in Hong Kong in Fighting COVID-19 Outbreak

HongKong Makeshift Hospital, one of the leading marketplaces for medical equipment, has sent out the second shipment of PSA oxygen plants, hospital beds, hospital bed mattresses, bedside cabinets, rapid antigen tests, protective clothes, medical face masks, etc. to support HK's Makeshift Hospital in frontline battle against COVID-19 outbreak.

In February 2022, the epidemic in Hong Kong worsened and demand for hospital supplies surged. With its strong supply chain capability and inventory, once again was able to provide 1400 sets of ward facilities to Hong Kong's makeshift Hospital within 3 days.

HK makeshift hospital

Since the first cooperation on the Hongkong Makeshift Hospital project between and Hong Kong in 2020, the two sides have been maintaining close exchanges and cooperation.'s unique one-stop shopping experience and full medical industry products have left a deep impression on Hong Kong staff, and the excellent product performance, fast delivery, and perfect localized after-sales service system make Hong Kong makeshift hospitals cooperate with the platform for the second time.

"The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is very serious. We contacted again for the very first time. They replied very quickly and delivered 1400 hospital beds within three days to meet our urgent needs.'s response speed and stocking strength give us the confidence to win this battle. We are convinced that with everyone's solidarity with the government, and's strong support as always, Hong Kong will be able to get out of the predicament." said the procurement director of the makeshift hospital in HK.’s Medical inventory List for Makeshift Hospitals has now stocked a large number of epidemic prevention materials, including 5,000 hospital beds, hospital bed mattresses, Medical Oxygen Supply System or Oxygen Plant System, gloves, masks, protective clothing, and nucleic acid testing reagents, hoping to solve the global epidemic as quickly as possible through the efforts of all parties. Financing services of marketplace have granted credit to more than 70 hospitals worldwide for order financing and hospital construction project financing, with a total credit amount of US $20 million, which is ready to solve overseas hospital funding problems.

Medical Equipment Supplier

Makeshift Hospital COVID19 Medical Supplies

Medical Equipment Supplier


By Feb.2022, has displayed nearly 10,000 medical SKUs from 500 merchants on the website and it has served 2000+ hospitals in about 150 countries, to name but a few: Almana Gen.Hospital in Saudia Arabia, CMH Government military hospital in Pakistan, Cormed hospital in South Africa, Clinica sorridente in Mozambique, Kairuki Hospital in Tanzania, Moscati hospital in Mexico, Clinica sinais vitals in Colombia, and Cecilia in the Dominica Republic. For financing services, financing center has world-widely granted 70 hospital credits up to $30million in the use of ordering and hospital construction fund-raising. “We aim to make medical care easier and help more hospitals to fight against Coronavirus, and is fully prepared.” Fola seems poised and determined.


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