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Colposcope & Colposcopy

Things can take a nasty turn if the abnormal cells are not carefully evaluated in the initial stages. Such an evaluation can have a massive impact on future treatment. Colposcopy and colposcopes make this evaluation and interpretation of results possible, thereby making life easier for patients and clinicians. In this brief, we will talk about everything about this medical equipment, and the factors that you must keep in mind if you are planning to purchase one for your practice! 

What is the colposcope equipment?


A colposcopy is a binocular microscope often used to examine the lower genital tract and cervix. Magnified stereoscopic vision coupled with excellent illumination or hallmark features of this equipment. Medical procedures performed using this equipment are described as colposcopy, minimally invasive procedures allowing physicians to detect abnormal cells. Courtesy of a colposcopy, doctors, can confirm or rule out certain life-threatening diseases and disorders.


Following are some of the key applications of a colposcope and its key colposcopic procedures.

1- This equipment is integral to all the gynecological examinations performed in concert with cytology.

2- Thanks to a colposcope, localized lesions can be suspected and detected.

3-It allows clinicians better to understand the true nature of a suspicious lesion.

4-Lesions caused by the Human Papilloma Virus are also detectable, thanks to a colposcope.

5-Immunosuppressive diseases such as AIDS, as well as immunosuppression caused by infectious agents like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or any changes data patient, feels after undergoing an organ transplant can be detected courtesy of this medical equipment as well.


Undoubtedly, colposcopy is one of the most important developments in the medical field concerning the detection of abnormal cells. Saying abnormal cells repeatedly perhaps does not signify the importance of this medical procedure. Here, we are talking about the detection and initial evaluation of abnormal cervical cancer cells. This initial evaluation can be extremely handy later in this treatment stage. A definitive therapy then follows the identification of invasive cervical cancers. Courtesy of colposcopy, there is no need to perform an excisional surgical procedure. Once the pre-cancer is identified, this technique and the equipment used can provide the information needed for treatment individualization. Here, we refer to factors such as the characterization of a lesion in terms of size, severity, and location/distribution. One can think of colposcopy as a see and treat method. Courtesy of this technique, high-grade cervical cytological abnormalities can be managed. Apart from that, this technique also allows surveillance and identification of women suffering from cervical diseases, which need to be observed over a longer period.

Colposcope Types

There are two main types of colposcopes. These are binocular colposcope and video colposcopes. Binocular colposcopes are the most popular category. However, thanks to the recent developments in the medical imaging field, video colposcopes have proven to be an absolute game changer. In the following lines of this brief, we will talk about these two types of colposcopes and see how they contrast and compare each other in terms of functions, applications, and overall components.

Binocular colposcope


Binocular colposcopes typically find use in uterine diagnosis. However, that's not all, since they are also used in detecting uterine erosion, tumors, and uterine cancers.


The function of a binocular colposcope is to examine the cervix as clearly as possible. Other parts of the lower genital tract can also be viewed courtesy of this medical equipment. Thanks to the magnified stereoscopic vision and excellent illumination, binocular colposcopes are popular among clinicians.


Now, let us look closely at the colposcope's structural composition. Standard medical equipment of this nature has three parts. These are the head, the light source, and the body. The head is that part of the colposcope which contains the optics. It consists of two eyepieces, a green filter, a magnification changer, and a focus adjustment knob.

The eyepieces can be adjusted to the medical expert's eye position. A green filter's purpose is to remove the background's redness. It is done so that the blood vessels should appear black in contrast with a green background. Hence, the appreciation of vascular patterns becomes an easier task. For changing magnification, the magnification changer can be used to adjust it in any manner of the medical expert's choice. Smooth or zooming is a choice that the expert makes during the examination.

Video colposcope

These medical devices can be found dubbed electronic colposcopes or digital colposcopes as well. Let's see what makes them different from conventional colposcopes.  


These colposcopic equipment don't have a binocular lens. Video colposcopes are dead useful in the clinical examination of the cervix, vulva, and vagina. Observing pathological changes using this medical equipment is easy and uncomplicated.


Video colposcopes can auto function and image, provided that the image is kept at a distance of at least 25 to 30 centimeters from the object in question. These devices allow the interpretation of two-dimensional images. They offer advantages such as recording and storing stills and video images. These video images and pictures can be extremely useful in the future.


What do they have if they don't have a binocular lens? Well, video colposcopes have a video camera with LED lamps. It can be found at the front of the optics, mounted on a stand that has adjustable height. There's a control panel at the back of the head; its purpose is to facilitate magnification changes, green filter switches on/off, and image capturing. A LED monitor of high quality is extremely important for 2D image interpretations.

Factors to consider before purchasing the colposcope

Here are some critical factors you need to remember when you start searching for a colposcope for your practice.


You will have to make the first choice between the binocular colposcope and the video colposcope. At this stage of the discussion, you are familiar with the functions, applications, and basic components of both types. Most practices rely on binocular colposcopes. However, the trends are changing, and video colposcopes are making inroads. So, if you were to take our advice, we suggest you use the latest technology.

Light source

Most colposcopes come with their light source. However, you can purchase these light sources on your own as well. Remember the bit about green filters? It is important to ensure that the medical equipment you invest in is well-lit and illuminated. Furthermore, please try to invest in LED light sources that last longer, are cool to touch, and ensure color balance.


For clinical uses, a magnification between 2X and 16X is ideal. So please ensure that your chosen device features a magnification number in this range. Also, please ensure that the magnification changer works smoothly, and there are no glitches whatsoever.


Trolley-mounted colposcopes make life very easy, so we recommend them. Gynecologic surgery and other medical investigations of similar nature warrant a trolley-mounted workstation. The digital video workstation systems are an essential feature of contemporary colposcopes.


Your wallet will eventually make the final call. All factors we have just shared with you are outweighed by the single price factor. So, plan how much you are prepared to splash on your new colposcopic equipment. Doing this will save you from a lot of complications later! 

Colposcope Price Guide

Now, let us have a look at the market prices for colposcopes. If you are someone searching for an ideal pick in this category for your practice, well, here is your mini guide!

Wallach Zoomscope Colposcope is available for a starting price of $3,099

MedGyn AL-105 colposcope is available for $11,491

Leisegang Optik 1 colposcope is available for $11,709

OM-6650-1 Colposcope Colposcopy Digital Imaging Processing System $4914

Where to buy the colposcope?

Well, you know the equipment, what it does, and which brands are selling the best ones out there. But one thing that you still are probably not aware of is the high-quality vendors. Where are you going to buy a high-quality colposcope for your practice? Well, let us help you on that front as well. Here are a few options for your consideration! is one unique online marketplace for nearly all medical devices, the platform being one of the biggest b2b medical marketplaces. You can find a colposcope and many similar high-quality devices here. wishes to be a platform that envisions a world where hospitals don’t waste valuable time in pursuit of high-quality medical devices. It strives to achieve its objectives by strengthening the ties between suppliers and buyers. Apart from aspiring to be a capable marketplace, has also set its eyes on big data integration. Free global logistic insurance services, a digital shopping process, and a wide range of medical equipment are some of the strong points of Visitors can subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about



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