How Much Does A Dental Treatment Unit Cost?

Dental Treatment Unit

What Is The Dental Treatment Unit?

A dental treatment unit is a patient care station installed in every dental office. It comprises different tools necessary for conducting patient examinations and dental treatments. Typically, these units include:

1.     An adjustable chair can be positioned in a posture best suited for the patient and the doctor. These moveable chairs offer exceptional head, knee, and back support.

2.     Various instruments remain at the dentist's arm's reach as they are stowed in holders that are mounted to the unit

3.     A light source like a scialytic lamp to have a shadow-free view of the patient's mouth

4.     A spittoon for patients to rinse

5.     Different handpieces like turbines, contra-angles, and micro motors to drill a tooth. Moreover, it also has an aspirator to dry a specific area in the mouth.

A dental care unit is often referred to as a dental chair. However, a dental chair is just a part of the entire unit, which comprises many other dental instruments.  

Why Should You Buy The Dental Treatment Unit?

Did you know that patients spend 95% of their visits in the dental care unit? This is why dentists go above and beyond in choosing an exceptional unit for their facility:

Here are some reasons why you should buy a top-tier dental treatment unit:

1.     Offers Comfort to The Patient

Just fifteen minutes of treatment in an uncomfortable dental chair can turn it into a stressful visit, let alone lengthy procedures. Therefore, keeping your patient at ease in a dental treatment unit is necessary to make the process less painful.

A report by Haworth states that reclining the dental chair by 20 degrees can release 40% pressure on the spine, thereby releasing tension. To put it simply, a dentist requires patients to stay still with their mouths open wide, and an uncomfortable chair may not allow that.

2.     Helps You Perform Successful Dental Treatments

Imagine treating a patient for hours without much success because of a compromised dental treatment unit. This is why the dental team must have complete and unhindered access to all instruments and the patient's mouth to examine and provide treatments.

An excellent dental chair has many adjustment options to accommodate patients of any height or weight to give the dental surgeon a perfect angle to perform various procedures. This would prevent the dental team from feeling strain, stress, or discomfort in efficiently conducting their job.

3.     Smooth Treatments

Sometimes dental teams have to spend hours on a single patient to perform long and exhausting surgeries. The problem is that not all patients are alike; some stay still despite the pain, whereas others are nervous and jittery. Therefore, having an adjustable and well-equipped dental treatment unit is highly necessary to keep patients comfortable and ensure a smooth treatment.

4.     Saves Time and Effort

An excellent dental treatment unit has all the instruments to seamlessly perform almost all procedures. Thanks to them, dentists do not have to go back and forth to look for essential dental tools. So a reasonable amount of time and effort is saved.

5.     Patients Will Keep Coming Back to You

Having an up-to-the-mark dental treatment unit ensures that your patients will leave your office happy and satisfied. This means that you will be their top choice whenever they need dental care or treatments.

What Should You Know About The Patient Chair?

A dental treatment unit is home to several parts that play a significant role during examinations and minor and major treatments such as extractions, root canal treatments, implants, and so on.

That said, here are a few things you should be aware of before buying a unit:

The Dentist's Module

This is the most essential part of a dental treatment unit. There are two types of modules:


This mount has secure fixtures, ensuring that the dentist returns the handpieces to their original positions without losing them. However, the short hose length may cause operational discomfort to a dentist.


This mount does not have secure fixtures, offering the dentist operational comfort by keeping the handpieces wherever they deem fit. However, this creates a risk of damaging the instruments by accidentally dropping them as there is limited space in the unit. Moreover, the empty fixture sockets can accumulate dirt.

You can equip the dentist's module with different necessary or optional instruments like:

1.     Electric scaler

2.     Electrocoagulator

3.     Light curing unit.

4.     Turbine handpiece

5.     Electric or air engine for module configuration

6.     Additional micromotor

It exclusively depends on the dentist how many instruments they will equip to their module. This can be influenced by many factors, including the services provided by the dentist, the type of dental treatment unit, and the financial capacity of the dentist.

Dental Assistant's Unit

The next section of a dental treatment unit is the dental assistant's unit which also comprises essential tools like:

1.     Hydro blocks: You can equip the hydro blocks with necessary devices like:

·       Solid particle collector

·       A disinfection system

·       A hygienic system

·       An amalgam separator

·       A water or air heater for the gun

2.     Suction systems: The suction system is typically installed to clear blood, saliva, and pieces of teeth of filling particles from the patient's oral cavities. There are two types of suction systems:

·       Inverter control: Based on hydrodynamic principles

·       Vacuum system: Creates a vacuum by using a compressor.

Control Pedals

Control pedals control the patient's chair positions and instruments. There are several pedal options with 1, 2, 3, or more key pedals. A fitting choice for you would depend on the types of services that will be given in the treatment unit.


The most significant factor every dentist considers while deciding which dental treatment unit is its price. Therefore, we have shared the prices of some top-tier dental treatment units available online.

1. World-class Brands:

Following are four world-class brands that should be your top choice for the latest dental tools and equipment. Remember, when buying dental equipment, you need to look past the price tag as these units last for 10, 15, or even 20+ years – the higher the price, the more features you get – so narrow down to a unit that pairs well with the services you offer:


A-Dec offers dependable and ergonomic solutions. They are home to a wide range of attractive, durable, and customized dental chairs. The top-tier company makes dental units with contemporary designs to offer both patient comfort and reliable dentist performance.

Price range: $2000 - $13000+


Kavo comprises an excellent variety of comfortable multi-functional dental units that are designed keeping in mind the needs of the many. Additionally, their patented CONEXIO software allows dental health professionals to access patient files easily.

Price range: $1100 to $12500+


Midmark understands the significance of oral health, and to make procedures relaxed for dental teams and patients, they provide dental treatment units with exceptional lighting, reliable instrument delivery, and comfortable clinical stools.

Price range: $2200 to $10000+


Planmeca offers an extensive range of customizable dental treatment units in various colors. Moreover, Planmeca's Ultra relax upholstery in dental units makes it the top choice for every dental professional.

Price range $1600 to $15000+

2. The best dental treatment units online:

Dental Treatment Units


Dental Chair K-808-Q5


AY-215B2 Dental Chair


Dental Chair Standard Style KDC-808Q7


AY-215B3 Children Dental Chair


KDC-502A Dental Chair


Where To Buy The Best Dental Treatment Units?

If you are wondering where you should go to get the best Dental care units, head straight to Medwish, as we are home to world-class dental units. Our dental units are equipped with efficient tools and technology to ensure you provide a smooth treatment while your patient stays comfortable in their dental chair. We rank among the world's largest e-commerce platforms dealing in a wide range of hospital supplies at affordable rates; plus, we offer free shipping


Finding an appropriate medical treatment unit may seem challenging at first. However, if you adopt the right approach, you can get your hands on the best dental treatment unit with exceptional features at an affordable rate.


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