Hello 2022! New Year Sales UP TO 50% OFF!


Medwish 2022 New Year Sale Promotion UP TO 50% OFF!

To celebrate the launch of the medwish multi-vendor marketplace 2.0 and the arrival of the new year, medwish.com launched the New Year’s inventory promotion, including hospital furniture, general diagnostic machines, and rehabilitation equipment.

For general nursing, emergency trolley and rehabilitation equipment are necessary 

- Emergency Trolley, Updated Craftsmanship, Customization is Available

1. Made of high-strength ABS material 

2. One-piece ABS plastic top board with arc handle and raised-edge design, covered transparent soft plastic glass.  

3. With four aluminum columns.  

4. Five ABS drawers: 2 small, 2 middle and 1 big drawer, inner with dividers can be organized easily and freely, label cards for the trolley and drawers. 

5. Stainless steel guard rail, sliding side shelf  

6. Dust basket, Needle disposal holder, IV pole, Defibrillator shelf, Defibrillator board, Power outlet and Hooks, Oxygen tank holder, Utility container, storage box 

7. Centralized lock  

8. Four luxurious noiseless casters, two with brakes 

emergency trolley 850mm

MORE DETAILS:850mmhttps://www.medwish.com/ag-et0...

emergency trolley 750mm

MORE DETAILS:750mmhttps://www.medwish.com/ag-et0...

- Wheelchair, Best Seller for Home Use and Nursing Home

All medwish products undergo Quality Check before post out. 

Cheapest wheelchairs at wholesale price

The wheelchair is made of steel, and it is very light (11kg).

Buy from the professional supplier to help you with all after service in the future.

Lightweight Folding Wheelchair: You can fold it up to put it in the car trunk when you go to travel.

The wheelchair features durable tires enhanced with push-to-lock functionality for added safety;

Comfortable and Easy To Clean

hospital wheelchair

MORE DETAILS:https://www.medwish.com/ag-ly0...

- Ultrasound Machine, Laptop Black And White Ultrasound Machine Diagnostic System

1. Full digital

2. 80 array elements

3. 12" LED monitor

4. USB port

5. Built-in rechargeable battery

6. Multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian 

laptop ultrasound machine

MORE DETAILS:https://www.medwish.com/dw-580...

- Patient Monitor, 12.1-inch Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

1. Designed to match the pace and unique needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal intensive care; anesthesia and peri-operative care; OR and cardiac care environments. Pacemaker detection and Arrhythmia analysis.

2. An optional USB Mouse/Keyboard control eases navigation and data entry.

3. Human fashion design and handle of humanized integration design, easy to carry.

4. Designed without the fan, characterized with no noise and lower consumption.

patient monitor

MORE DETAILS:https://www.medwish.com/ag-bz0...


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