How To Choose The Correct Armboard?

Armboard for Surgery

What is an Armboard?

Arm boards are referred to as surgical table accessories that support the arms of the patient undergoing surgery. They are necessary for positions like Prone, Supine, Lateral, and Trendelenburg. It is crucial to every surgical procedure as it offers stability to the patient and keeps them safe during the process. 

Arm boards are available in several types— a few have separate straps. These straps ensure that the patient's arms are secured on the board and remain in place during the surgery. 

Drop-Latch Armboards

Drop-latch Arm boards are one of the most popular arm boards. Due to their ubiquity and longevity, they have earned the moniker "Universal Style Armboard."

The clamping device used to fasten the arm board to each side rail of the operating table is known as a "Drop-Latch." It is a straightforward style that works with all kinds of surgical tables.


The features that make drop-latch armboards popular are: 

  • Durable steel casting for longevity 
  • It fits most American-made operating tables 
  • The latch is finger-triggered and allows a full 180 degrees lateral adjustment
  • Quick and easy setup and removal 
  • This armboard comes with a hook and loop attached to it, enabling the user to affix the padding to the board

Available In Sizes

Our surgical arm boards come in the following sizes. 

  • 24"L x 6"W
  • 26"L x 6”W
  • 26" x 10" W

Rail-Locking Arm boards

A rail-locking Arm boards is quite similar to a drop-latch style. However, instead of being finger-triggered, the rail-locking armboard is held in place with a manual lock and controlled through a knob. Thus, to adjust the armboard, you need to turn the manual-locking handle to lock it in place. 

Featuring 21 locking notches for stable positioning and movement, it can be turned 180 degrees with just one finger. It can operate smoothly and flexibly under stress due to its superior grade design and mechanisms. 


The attractive features of rail locking Arm boards are:

  • Made with a phenolic operating surface
  • Highly durable 
  • Smoother operation of the board, even when subjected to weight 
  • 180-degree lateral rotation 
  • A handle that locks manually 
  • Radiolucency

Available In Sizes

The rail-locking Arm boards is available in the following sizes: 

  • 26”L x 6”W 
  • 24”L x 6”W

Duralux Arm boards

The operational surface of the Duralux Arm boards is made of a material that won't crack, chip, or split. Designed with premium-grade mechanics and lightweight zinc alloy construction, the arm board gear's teeth are less likely to be chipped or damaged.

Similar to the drop-latch and the rail-locking armboards, Duralux armboards come with 21 incremental locks that help healthcare providers and OR nurses position, move and keep the patient stable during the procedure. This particular armboard is also compatible with most North American- made operating tables. 


Features of the Duralux Arm boards include:

  • The sturdy Duralux surface makes it a reliable addition to the OR. The material is highly durable and will work to stabilize the patient
  • Low deflection means increased stability
  • Allows for 180-degree rotation 
  • Radiolucency through the board 
  • Highly flexible and adjustable to account for the patient's position

Available In Sizes

The sizes include: 

  • 26”L x 6”W

Carbon Fiber Quick Release Armboards

This Arm boards has been manufactured to allow for high-degree strength, flexibility, and longevity. The board weighs a mere 3 pounds and can easily be handled by medical staff. It is made from carbon fiber so that it can withstand any amount of weight without the need for additional metal support braces.


The key features of carbon fiber quick Arm boards include:

  • Carbon fiber ensures a great degree of strength, sturdiness, and radiolucency
  • Engineered with aluminum alloy swivel mounts 
  • Low deflection 
  • Rotates a full 180 degrees 
  • Easy to position and store away 
  • Considered to be one of the lightest armboards available in the market
  • Pressure locking swivel allows for quick and easy positioning 

Available In Sizes

The carbon fiber quick-release armboard is available in the following sizes: 

  • 26”L x 6”W

Carbon Fiber Shoulder Mount Armboards

It is made of a pressure-locking swivel gear, which lets users position the board quickly and accurately. The way that this armboard operates is by sliding under the cushioning of the surgical table. This way, it can support the patient's shoulder and keep them stable during the procedure. 


The shoulder mount Arm boards offers the following features:

  • Provide full imaging access since they slide under the cushion 
  • Easy to position 
  • Great structural rigidity 
  • Since its carbon fiber, it is considered to be a light surgical device 
  • Easy to store and handle

Available In Sizes

This shoulder mount is available in the following size: 

  • 26”L x 6”W

Multi-Position Armboards

Multi-position Arm boards are the ones to go for when looking for a more comprehensive positioning range. This armboard is made with radiolucent phenolic operating material. 

The purpose of the armboard is to provide arm support for operating positions like prone, supine, and lateral while also allowing for a variety of positioning flexibility. The Multi-Position Arm Board needs a Super Clamp Clark Socket to install to a table.


Multi-positioned Arm board is widely used across North American healthcare institutes due to its features like: 

  • High durability 
  • Flexible and easy adjustments
  • Compatible with most Northern American operating tables 
  • Radiolucent through the board

Available In Sizes

Multi-positioned armboard is available in the following size: 

  • 20”L x 6”W

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Armboards

Arm boards are the most crucial positioning tool for your treatments. Arm boards, which are simple in form and function, offer critical positioning assistance. Ensure that the armboard is easy to attach to the table, supports different table portions, can be adjusted easily, and is stable and secure. Prices can be as high as $6,000, although the typical range is between $1,000 and $1,500.

Following are a few factors to consider when purchasing a surgical armboard;

Size & Style

While it may not seem like it, sizing and style go a long way in determining how comfortably the patient can lie on the operating tables and how secure and stable it is during the procedure. Most surgical armboards range from 20" to 26" in length and 6" to 10" in width. 


Determine what features and materials you need in your armboard. Materials such as carbon fiber are ideal if you are looking for a light and sturdy armboard. It is because they are much easier for the staff to handle and can also be easily stored. Moreover, carbon fiber is excellent when it comes to bearing more weight. 


Does your institution perform a lot of procedures on the upper extremities? In that case, you need arm and hand surgical tables. For imaging, they should be compact and radiolucent-friendly. Your armboard should have an extra support leg that the surgeon can use if they choose.

Attachment to Table

When buying an armboard for your OR, remember that you need something that fits perfectly to the table. Your armboard should be securely attached to each side of the table. It is essential as any sudden movements during the procedure could result in injury/harm to the patient. 

Table Pads

Ensure that your surgical armboards have foam table pads, as those are likely to bring the most comfort to patients, especially during an emotionally and physically taxing time. A more relaxed patient is less likely to stiffen up and experience muscle tension. 

Where To Buy The Best Armboard Online At Wholesale Prices?

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