How to Design a Cardiac OT?

Cardiac OT

What is a cardiac OT?

A cardiac operation theater is a room in a hospital facility that is solely designated for cardiac surgeries, which may differ in its nature according to the need and condition of the patient. The cardiac operation theater needs to be facilitated with the right equipment, tools, and staff members who all come together to help treat heart patients.

Any surgical treatment done on the heart or any blood arteries close to where they join the heart is referred to as cardiac surgery. These operations sometimes may include the organs or tissues right near the heart. The operation is usually sensitive and requires an environment that facilitates the surgeon and his team to successfully carry out the operation.

Maze procedure, Valve procedure, bypass surgery, heart rhythm problem surgeries and heart transplants are a few of the cardiac surgeries that a cardiac surgeon performs in a cardiac OT. This implies that the operational area for cardiac surgery is undeniably a risk-prone setting. Solutions for diseases are becoming increasingly complicated today. Any Cardiac OT must possess a cutting-edge healthcare system.

The importance of a cardiac OT

Several variables may affect the safe performance of a cardiac operation. Some of these are the surgeon's clinical expertise, honest cooperation, process efficiency, and the placement of surgical supplies. Choosing the right medical supplies is one of the most important components of designing a cardiac OT.

Even if a surgeon is highly skilled and has conducted several successful cardiac surgeries, he or she relies considerably on the availability of a sufficient cardiac operation theater. The availability of cooperative support staff who are well-trained as well as having access to all important medical equipment is important.

Establishing a Cardiac OT is a vital endeavor on its own because people that reach this area are typically in a more progressed state of heart disease. Thus, designing a cardiac operation theater is not similar to designing any other hospital care facility since it needs to be fully operational and convenient for both the medical staff as well as the patient who is going through a tough time. Skilled staff, a proper medical environment and the best available medical equipment is needed to make any surgery successful.

Important Medical Equipment for Cardiac OT

Medical supplies are one of the most significant components of Cardiac OT design development. Different operation theaters are customized according to what type of surgeries need to be performed there and their designing process, selected by the hospital administration staff. However, for cardiac surgery to be successfully performed, there are a few significant pieces of medical equipment that needs to be on the must-have list, these are (in no particular order for preference):

Heart Lung Machine

When performing heart surgeries, a heart-lung machine helps to pump blood through the patient's bloodstream and oxygenates the blood to substitute for the patient's heart and lungs. The machine's primary purpose is to oxygenate the body's venous blood flow before pumping it back into the arteries. Before being returned to the arterial circulation, blood that is on its way to the heart is deflected through this apparatus.

Heater-Cooler Machine

A heater-cooler machine is a crucial piece of the apparatus required for cardiac surgeries, such as a bypass. To provide the best possible medical treatment, a heater-cooler device is frequently utilized in other surgical and medical processes to cool or warm a patient. Improved patient conditions are made possible by its use. During this cardiac surgery, heater-cooler equipment is used to help control the patient's blood temperature during heart, transplant or vascular operations.

IABP Machine

A medical device known as an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) is one of the important medical equipment that every cardiac OT needs. The heart of a patient can pump more blood owing to it. If the heart isn't capable of supplying sufficient blood to the patient's body, this device is required. A catheter is a small, flexible tube that makes up the IABP. A lengthy balloon is connected to the catheter's end. An intra-aortic balloon, or IAB, is the name of this balloon-like part. The catheter's opposite end is connected to the computer system. This panel features a system that enables the balloon to be inflated and deflated at the appropriate times when the patient's heart is beating.

Anesthesia machine

General Anesthesia is required for most surgeries as they alleviate a painful experience for the patient. Heart surgeries usually take many hours to complete and the patient is under anesthesia during the surgery period so that the surgeon may perform necessary incisions at the required locations without causing pain to his or her patient.

Surgical Table

A surgical table is important for surgeons to better carry out their duties while performing high-risk, complicated heart surgery. The surgical table must be comfortable enough for the patient, and convenient enough for the surgeon to operate without any hindrance. The purpose of the table is to help patients in a variety of orientations and enhance the quality of care. There are components and attachments available for high-quality medical equipment.

Ventilator Machine

When a patient has problems breathing on their own, a ventilator can assist them in breathing. When an injury or sickness hinders a patient's ability to breathe, a ventilator may be required. During cardiac surgery, ventilators are utilized to assist patients with breathing. Ventilators function by gently forcing air into the lungs and letting it slowly escape, just like the lungs would naturally when breathing normally.

Patient Monitor System

 Modern technology is used by patient monitoring devices to continuously deliver data on critical patient variables during heart surgery and into the intensive care unit.


Defibrillators are machines that shock or pulse an electric current into the heart to get it to beat normally again. They are used to avoid or treat an irregular heartbeat that beats too slowly or too quickly, called arrhythmia. Defibrillators also help to restart an abruptly stopped heart.

Where to buy the most complete equipment for Cardiac OT?

After the blueprint of a cardiac OT has been designed, looking for the right supplier of the needed medical equipment is the next big step. Different markets sell different equipment but collecting them could be expensive, time-consuming and an overall futile process if one doesn’t know where to look. In such a case, it is better to rely on wholesale dealers who are in contact with various manufacturers and deal on a global scale.

Medical suppliers in China and international customers can purchase healthcare and hospital tools and equipment from Medwish, a worldwide B2B online medical market. To offer new and reconditioned hospital supplies to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and other regions, Medwish collaborates with numerous vendors both in China and elsewhere. The marketplace and its suppliers also have a sizable inventory of products available for purchase and shipping to clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare professionals, etc. on a worldwide platform.

For a cardiac OT, Medwish can easily provide its customers with Hospital beds, patient monitors, compressor nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, medical ventilators, defibrillators, and many more products from a wide range of medical equipment collection that is among the goods that buyers frequently purchase. Some other few reasons why you should consider getting your cardiac OT equipment from Medwish are:

·      There are more than 10,000 goods in the medical marketplace.

·      More than five categories, including the operating room, are covered by the hospital devices on Medwish.

·      Online product categories are based on categories, and customers can choose the medical equipment they require for any given department with ease.

·      All forms of payment accepted by merchants are accepted by buyers.

·      The B2B network Medwish may offer financing options to medical customers, considerably easing their income stream.

·      Medwish is a system where buyers may identify reputable suppliers and gives its members verified inspection services.


Cardiac surgeries are frequently delicate and necessitate a setting that allows the surgeon and his team to complete the procedure properly. Unquestionably, the operating room for cardiac surgery is a risky environment. Disease treatments are getting more and more difficult today. Any Cardiac OT must have a state-of-the-art medical setup.

Therefore, besides a good and highly skilled medical team, a cardiac OT must have the best medical equipment, which includes (but is not limited to): a defibrillator, a ventilator system, Heart Lung Machine, Heater-Cooler Machine, IABP Machine, an Anesthesia machine, a Surgical Table, Ventilator Machine, and a Patient Monitor System. All these systems and machines can help control patient vitals during surgery and create an efficient ecosystem for performing cardiac surgery.

Medwish is an online medical market that helps in providing its customers with a wide range of medical devices and machines, to facilitate the healthcare infrastructure. Easy online transactions, a variety of options to choose from, a user-friendly website and multiple supplier networks set Medwish apart from other medical suppliers.


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