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Infant Phototherapy Lamps

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During the first and second weeks of birth, higher levels of unconjugated bilirubin cause jaundice in mostly neonatal, preterm, and term babies. If not timely addressed, it can lead to certain neurological disorders.

According to research, almost 60% of term babies and 85% of preterm babies are affected by jaundice. Jaundice typically manifests on the third day, increasing till 5- 7 days. Thus, it is more prevalent in preterm babies. 

To prevent higher levels of unconjugated bilirubin, newborns are treated with phototherapy lamps. Also, jaundice can be settled in term babies after 14 days of birth and in preterm babies after the 21st day.

What Is An Infant Phototherapy Lamp?

Many methods can treat newborn jaundice, but one of the most effective remedies is using a phototherapy lamp.


Phototherapy lamps are used to treat jaundice in neonatal, preterm, and term babies through phototherapy. The Bili lights are used for phototherapy, which includes shining fluorescent light on naked skin. The baby's skin will be exposed to as much light as possible during phototherapy. This process arms the liver to remove bilirubin from the baby's blood. Thanks to the therapy, the need for exchange transfusions in newborns is significantly decreased, and serum levels of unconjugated bilirubin are also lowered.

There are various names used for infant phototherapy lamps. The most famous ones are infant phototherapy machines, blue light therapy devices, infant blue light lamp devices, and blue light therapy lamps.

One can use any of these names for infant phototherapy lamps according to their feasibility and ease.


The infant phototherapy lamps are operated in phototherapy units. The apparatus consists of a bank of 20-watt fluorescent lights placed 30–40 cm above the child.

The lamp output is directed from the device to the neonate's bedside (incubator). Also, there are numerous radiant heaters with built-in or add-on phototherapy devices.

By exposing the body to light, bilirubin can be changed into other compounds, alleviating the symptoms of jaundice.


The lamp helps a baby's body cope with excess bilirubin buildup, alleviating jaundice symptoms. This is an excellent option if you can't take your baby outside or insufficient natural light is available to meet the daily light requirements for normal body functioning.

Phototherapy lamps have an appealing light that can improve whitening, minimize spots and acne, and revitalize wrinkled skin. These lamps are perfect for office employees who are too stressed, have late sittings, are jet-lagged, etc.

Because it is portable and lightweight, you may always have it with you and use it for skin care and treatment on the go.

The Types Of Infant Phototherapy Lamp

Blue-green, non-ultraviolet light is emitted by phototherapy lamps (wavelengths 430-490nm). Different types of infant phototherapy lamps are based on the difference in their wavelengths.

Standard Phototherapy

Standard phototherapy, also called conventional phototherapy, uses light with a lower irradiance. However, the actual intensity varies significantly between manufacturers.

It is not required to measure irradiance when conducting phototherapy routinely. However, units should be checked sometimes to ensure the lamps provide enough irradiance as advertised by the manufacturer.

Intensive Phototherapy

During intensive phototherapy, the light's irradiance on a baby's skin must be at least 30 W/cm2 per nm. To measure this range, a portable radiometer can be used.

Measurements should ideally be collected at multiple locations and aggregated because most of those taken directly beneath the lamp is more accurate.

For best results, please refer to the provided instruction manual because the type of radiometer used depends on the phototherapy system used.

What Does The Infant Therapy Lamp Include?

The design of a lamp plays a vital role in carrying out phototherapy. The idea is to have a device that is efficient and easy to use by caregivers. That said, typically, infant therapy lamps include the following components.

Light Source

It consists of a powerful, long-lasting light source with a restricted spectrum that can emit intense blue light. One can select the light based on how bright it needs to be.

Control Panel

Control panels are part of phototherapy lamps that contain lighting systems and regulators. Also, these panels help analyze, monitor, and protect the lightning channels.

Adjust Pole

It is easier to adjust with the help of modified poles if the light is supported or taken out of the cradle before placing it. Through changing bars, the light can be adjusted as per the requirement.


Castor is an undriven wheel intended to be attached to the base of a sizeable object to allow for easy movement. So, with the aid of castor, lamps can be seamlessly moved to any place.

How Long Do Jaundice Babies Need Phototherapy?

The time taken to rid your young one of jaundice via phototherapy varies — the length will depend on the presence of hemolysis and the infant's age.

To make the best use of bill lights, keep your baby beneath them between feedings.

Once treatment has begun, a physical exam to check for jaundice is ineffective since phototherapy momentarily "bleaches" the skin's yellow tint.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Infant Phototherapy Lamp

It isn't easy to visit the hospital every time phototherapy is needed. Therefore, the next best alternative is to turn to home-based phototherapy methods using phototherapy devices like an infant blue light lamp.

While looking for a phototherapy lamp, you should consider the following factors to avoid any inconvenience while performing the treatment:  

Light Source

Phototherapy lamps come under conventional phototherapy. It uses LEDs or halogen incandescent filament lamps, or fluorescent lamps. Research shows that LEDs are equally efficient as fluorescent tubes with fewer side effects for infants with indirect hyperbilirubinemia.


Before buying a phototherapy lamp, you must check if it has treatment or a lamp life timer in it. The former allows you to time the process, whereas the latter indicates when the lamp needs to be changed. 

Mobile Or Fixed

Phototherapy lamps can be mobile or fixed. Portable phototherapy lamps are convenient for homes. Fixed lights are best for hospitals with incubators or baby warmers in nursery rooms. 


The life span of phototherapy lights is crucial to know while purchasing them. A good tell-tale of a lamp on borrowed time is knowing how long it is covered under warranty. Phototherapy lamps also have some side effects, so using them after their life span will cause more harm. 


Various phototherapy lamps with additional features are available at different prices. To find a pocket-friendly deal, it would be best to compare prices offered online as well as in physical stores.

Price Guide

The prices of phototherapy lamps not only vary based on features but the brand offering them as well. Read on to know the prices advertised by top brands, including Meditrin, GE, and Dräger.

Meditrin mild steel LED phototherapy stand LED Model DSPT-02 for $700

The GE Lullaby LED photographic system retails at $625

The prices of Dräger start from $625.

LED infant blue light therapy device AG-30 $735

Where To Buy The Infant Phototherapy Lamp Online At Wholesale Prices?

In our digitally driven world, everything can be accessed with clicks. Therefore to find a reasonably priced lamp that meets your needs, look for a suitable option online. Sure, finding something within range and with all the required features is not a straightforward process. However, a bit of research will be of great help.

Medwish.com is a one-stop shop for healthcare equipment. So if you are looking for an advanced, feature-rich phototherapy lamp, turn to Medwish, their inventory is packed with the latest products, and they offer wholesale prices. Medwish.com is a medical marketplace for suppliers and buyers worldwide to sell and buy Medical Equipment and devices for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities.

The OB/GYN Maternal Equipment Solution List MW-OB001 aims to help pregnant women and newborns in NICU. To know more about phototherapy lamps, their features, and prices, feel free to get in touch with Medwish.


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