Medical PSA Oxygen Generator Gas Plant Buying Guide

Medical PSA Oxygen Generator Gas Plant Buying Guide

What is an Oxygen Generator Gas Plant?

PSA Oxygen Generator Gas Plant is a healthier and relatively cheaper alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies which is used to create medical-grade oxygen gas from compressed air. It is also referred to as Oxygen generating plant, Oxygen generation plant, Oxygen manufacturing plant, etc.

With about 93% ± 2% purity rate, due to the removal of nitrogen, dust particles, and several other dangerous gases by using the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, the Oxygen Generator Gas Plant can be trusted. It is not only useful in hospitals and medical centers, but it is also useful in homes.

Oxygen Concentrator vs Oxygen Plant

A distinct feature of the Oxygen plant that distinguishes it from an Oxygen Concentrator is that: while the latter is a device that selectively removes nitrogen from a gas supply to produce oxygen, the former gets rid of all harmful gases. Oxygen gas plants are a better alternative to oxygen concentrators. 

What is PSA?

Pressure Swing Adsorption is a technique employed to remove some species of gases from a combination of gases. This removal is made possible due to the characteristics/features of the species’ molecules and their affinity for a specific adsorbent material. To effectively produce non-cryogenic oxygen, this method is the best. It is useful on both small and medium scales.  The PSA method differs significantly from other cryogenic oxygen-generation/distillation processes in that it works at near-ambient temperature to separate gases.

Two columns are filled with an adsorbent material. In this case, a molecular sieve is known as Zeolite. The oxygen flows through with ease, while Nitrogen and other gases are trapped. When the active column is saturated (that is, when it has held as much gas as it can,) the airflow is directed to the other column. The pressure on the first column is reduced this way, and the nitrogen is removed from the atmosphere for complete regeneration. This process is repeated over and over. One column regenerates as the other produces. At the end of each cycle, either column switches roles. The generator, thus, produces a constant flow of purified oxygen, free of harmful gases.

Benefits of oxygen generator gas plant

  1. Round-the-clock oxygen availability: ensures 24/7 oxygen is available, as you can, through the push of a button, generate oxygen.
  2. Automated function: the purity and flow of oxygen are controlled and monitored through the adjustment of the PSA system’s cycle time.
  3. Uses atmospheric air: the plant makes use of air from the atmosphere, so there is no need for any raw material. This ensures, also, that the plant is cost-effective.
  4. Safety: reduced risk from potential mishandling of high-pressure cylinders or liquid oxygen containers ensures the reduction in explosions or other fire hazards during use.
  5. Energy efficiency: there is low energy consumption through the use of the PSA technique.
  6. Economics: the PSA oxygen generation plant is cost-effective. It saves up to 40-70% over liquid supply systems and 80%, compared to cryogenic plants. 
  7. Skid-mounted: The generator is pre-piped and pre-commissioned over a skid to reduce the time and difficulty during installation. All the user needs to do is connect the air compressor line with the squid over which it is pre-piped, and it is ready for use.

Components of PSA Oxygen Generator Gas Plant System

The following are parts of PSA Oxygen Generator Plant Systems:

Air Compressor: increases gas pressure by reducing its volume

Filter: removes dust particles from the oxygen, serves as a kind of sieve to separate the gases

Dryer: gets rid of the moisture from the air by cooling it with a refrigerant

Oxygenator: an important component used for making the oxygen

Oxygen tank: used to store purified oxygen

Supercharger: an air compressor that increases air pressure supplied to the columns

Oxygen Storage Tank: to store oxygen post-purification

High-Pressure Supercharger: increases the pressure or density of air supplied to the engine

Hyperbaric oxygen bus bar: a treatment mechanism used for the oxygen

How does an O2 generator work?

The mechanism is as below: how it works in 9 steps with a breakdown of the process:

  1. By using the air compressor, the air is taken from the ambient.
  2. An air dryer that serves as the refrigerant at the exit of the air compressor removes moisture from the gas and reduces the concentration of other undesirable compounds.
  3. The gas passes through 4-stage air filters which get rid of oil, dust, and any other impurities. 
  4. Clean, cool, and dry, the gas now passes through the PSA vessels. Passed through a vessel with an adsorbent bed of Zeolite, nitrogen is attracted more than oxygen. Some of the nitrogen stays in the bed, and the oxygen that exits the vessel is richer than it was when it entered the vessel.
  5. The nitrogen is, at high pressures, forced into the crystalline cages of the Zeolite. Compared to nitrogen, oxygen is less adsorbed, and if at all it is adsorbed, it is eventually recovered in the oxygen buffer tank. Two Zeolite beds are used simultaneously. A bed filters air until it is saturated with nitrogen, while oxygen escapes through the other.
  6. Before the first tank is saturated with Nitrogen, feed air is transferred to the second tank.
  7. The second filter does the same thing as the first one regenerates as nitrogen is desorbed by reducing the pressure.
  8. Oxygen is stored in the tank as the process is repeated.   
  9. The oxygen generator has a built-in oxygen purity monitor which ensures that produced oxygen is within acceptable limits of purity.

PSA Oxygen Generator Capacity

Option No

Capacity (Nm3/hr)

Capacity (LPM)

Cylinders per day

Dimensions (meters)

Approx. Weight (Kgs.)

Power Consumption (kWh)




Up to 10

4 x 2 x 2.5






Up to 16

4.5 x 2 x 2.5






Up to 24

4.5 x 2 x 3






Up to 32

5 x 2 x 3






Up to 40

5.5 x 2 x 3






Up to 50

6.5 x 2 x 3






Up to 65

7.5 x 2 x 3






Up to 84

9 x 2 x 3






Up to 95

10.5 x 2 x 3






Up to 160

12 x 2.5 x 4.5



 PSA oxygen generator manufacturers

There are several other manufacturers such as Oxyplus, Oxywise, Aggreko, Mvsengg, and so forth. But amongst all these, Medwish stands out for its humanitarian drive and objectives.

"MEDWISH" ( platform is a global B2B marketplace focused on the supply and buying of medical equipment and devices. MEDWISH, in cooperation with global service providers in fields such as insurance, logistics, financing, customs clearance, international payments/transactions, etc., aims to remove global buyers’ one-stop shopping difficulties through the integration of global high-quality, cost-effective supply chain channels. Their buyers, from all over the world, come mainly from private hospitals and overseas agents. The marketplace was developed by the Jiangsu Medwish Network Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Medwish is dedicated to establishing a huge, globally recognized, trusted framework and promoting the sustainable development of the medical industry through its platform. The platform is fast becoming the world’s largest e-commerce platform and comprehensive service provider for hospitals all over the world. By strengthening the bonds between suppliers and buyers, Medwish ensures extraordinary services for both sides.

Why buy from Medwish?

  • Medical oxygen plant with medical oxygen rather than industrial oxygen, safe guarantee
  • Price competitive, save procurement cost by 30% to 60% of total production cost
  • Free global logistic insurance services to all the buyers supplied by Medwish
  • Our products and services have undergone thorough professional inspection by our globally recognized partners, BV and SGS
  • Payment made easy: available payment options include credit cards (VISA/MasterCard) and traditional T/T, L/C, Money Gram, West Union, Union Pay, and so on.
  • Complete medical equipment categories include a) electronic and ultrasonic instruments, X-ray equipment, clinical laboratory analysis instruments, hemodialysis equipment; b) general ward, operating room, emergency room, gynecology room equipment; c) health care equipment
  • Easy online shopping process: sourcing, ordering, paying, shipping, receiving, confirming is carried out online.

PSA Oxygen Plant Cost

The Oxygen Generator or Oxygen Gas Machine costs between USD 29,600.00 to 30,000.00. Prizes may differ, based on further specifications.


Are Gas PSA Oxygen plants safe?

PSA Oxygen plants make use of the PSA technique to separate oxygen from other harmful gases and dust particles, and the technique is perhaps the most effective way to get rid of these gases. It guarantees about 90-93% purity of oxygen. It caters to the health needs of clients. So, yes, it is comparatively safe.

Does the equipment room require humidity control?

PSA Oxygen generators provide optimal performance when feed air has a dew point of 40⁰ F & 4⁰C or less. Humidity control may not be needed, it depends largely on the model selected or the feed air mechanisms (dryer, air surge tank, filters, air compressor) supplied. It is advisable to contact the factory for suitable specifications.

Does an oxygen generator have to be indoors?

They are designed, mostly, for indoor use. 

What is the purity of oxygen produced by PSA?

The oxygen purity ranges from 93-95%, with 99% being optionally available. Further specifications ensure this.

What is the standard pressure of oxygen pressure produced by PSA?

The output pressure from most OGSI oxygen generators (Model OG-25 and up) is placed at 45 psig (3 bar gage) to 60 psig(4 bar gage), with higher pressures optionally available through the use of an oxygen booster. 


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