Medical Stainless Steel Table: How to Choose the Suitable One for Hospitals

Medical Stainless Steel Table

Medical tables are an essential part of any medical facility or office. They provide a solid and reliable surface for examining, preparing, and storing medical supplies. While medical tables can be constructed from various materials, stainless steel tables are often the preferred option due to their superior durability and strength. Little wonder hospitals and clinics usually prefer stainless steel tables for their medical needs. This guide will cover medical stainless steel tables to help you decide when it's time to buy one. We'll discuss types of stainless steel tables and essential considerations to keep in mind when purchasing one. Let's get started!

What Is A Stainless Steel Medical Table?

Stainless steel medical tables are designed for various medical and surgical procedures. Made from high-quality materials, they resist corrosion and wear and offer a smooth, stable surface for clinicians' use. Stainless steel medical tables are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different needs. Some feature built-in storage shelves or drawers for easy access to supplies, while others have removable parts that can be sterilized between uses. With their versatile design and durable construction, stainless steel medical tables are essential to any medical facility.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Steel Table

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a stainless steel medical table.

Some of them are:

What is the primary use of the table?

When choosing a table, consider what it will be primarily used for. For example, if the plan is to use the table to transport supplies from one location to the other, then a folding cart may be the ideal choice. Suppose it's for storing items in exam rooms, procedure rooms, and laboratories. In that case, a fixed stainless steel table may be the best option. If it is to be used as a workstation desk, then adjustable-height tables may be the way to go. Deciding on the primary use will help narrow down your options and make it easier to find the perfect table for your needs.

What is the size and weight of the items you put on the table?

Before purchasing a table, one must consider the size and weight of the items on it. Knowing the approximate measurement of what you plan to place on the table will help determine its size and load capacity. Opt for a medical stainless steel table with reinforced construction and high-weight ability if your items are heavy. On the other hand, if you only plan to place lightweight items on it, then a basic stainless steel table should suffice.

Do you need more storage below the tabletop?

In addition to the size of the items you intend to place on it, you also need to consider if extra storage is necessary. Most medical stainless steel tables come with either shelves or drawers underneath for additional storage. These features help organize supplies and documents without taking up floor space in your facility. However, if your primary use does not require added storage features, you can opt for a more straightforward design.

Is the table to be stationary, mobile, or a combination of both?

Do you plan to move the table from one location to another within your medical facility? If yes, consider a stainless steel table with either fixed or caster wheels. Caster wheels provide maximum maneuverability and are ideal for medical facilities with limited space. On the other hand, fixed wheels offer a more stable platform and keep your table in place during procedures. If you plan to keep the table stationary, look for one with adjustable legs and feet.

The Types Of Medical Table

Medical tables come in several variations; let's examine some below.

Cart Style

Cart-style tables feature wheels, making them easily maneuverable and ideal for quickly moving supplies, documents, and other items from one area to another. Most cart tables also feature removable shelves or drawers for added storage space.

Here are the things to watch out for when selecting a cart-style table.

Choose your size

As we mentioned earlier, you need a table that is big enough to support the things you intend to put on it, but you also don't want it to be so big that it takes up too much room in the room.

Therefore, you need to calculate the size of the items and then use that measurement to determine the optimal size of the table.

Check the load capacity.

When selecting a cart-style table, check its weight capacity as well. Opt for one with reinforced construction if you intend to place heavier items on it, such as medical equipment or supplies.

Choose the right wheels.

Not all medical carts have the same type of wheels, so it's best to consider which is most suitable for your needs. For offices with smooth floors, go for rubber wheels, as they provide more maneuverability. If you plan to move supplies or documents through rougher terrain, opt for polyurethane casters, as they are more durable and offer better traction.

Choose your shelves or drawers.

If you plan to use your cart-style table for storage, make sure to choose the right shelves or drawers. The most popular options are flat shelves and roll-out drawer carts. Flat shelf carts are ideal for storing smaller items such as documents and supplies. On the other hand, roll-out drawer carts provide easy access to more oversized items and can securely hold heavier items.

Browse Cart Style Table

You can choose from various designs and features when selecting a cart-style table. Some popular options include tables with adjustable height, foldable work surfaces, and directional-locking brakes. 

Work Table Style

Medical stainless steel worktables are made of sturdy construction and are less lightweight than cart-style tables. They are perfect for those who need a steady and secure platform to perform clinical or laboratory procedures such as preparing medications or drawing blood.

Instrument Table Style

Instruments tables are designed to provide quick and convenient access to the surgical instruments used in operations. They are typically designed to be nestable within each other to maximize limited storage space.

Utility/Prep Table Style

Prep tables are typically used in laboratories and medical facilities to hold supplies or samples. These tables are usually shorter than worktables and feature a flat surface, making them perfect for smaller tasks, such as preparing medications or conducting experiments.

Overbed Adjustable Height Table Style

Overbed medical tables are designed to hold items over an operating table and keep them within the doctors' easy reach during surgery. These tables typically feature height-adjustable legs so the table can be adjusted to the desired height according to the user.


● Guardrail Option: When buying a medical table, check if it has a guardrail option. A good guardrail will provide extra safety and prevent items from falling off when performing medical procedures.

● Drawer and bin options: When selecting a medical table, you can choose from various drawer and bin options. Drawers provide an organized way to store smaller items such as medications, needles, and other supplies. Larger bins are great for holding more oversized items such as medical tools or surgical instruments.

The Best Stainless Steel Medical Table Prices For Sale Online

Here are some great options you should check out when purchasing stainless steel medical tables.

● The AG-SS007A Hospital Fan-Shaped Surgical Instrument Table is priced at $334.40 per unit.

● The AG-SS080-3 Stainless Steel Nested Tables For Operation Apparatus are priced at $237.55 per unit.

● The Stainless Steel Hospital Dressing Trolley Treatment Trolley With Drawers AG-SS040A is priced at $274.55 per set.

● The XD-203 Dressing Trolley is priced at $185.53 per set.

● The TZJDAT-865102 Instrument cart is priced at $368.68 per unit.


Medical stainless steel tables come in various designs and styles, each with its features. When choosing a medical table, you should consider the task it needs to perform, the environment it will be used in, your budget, and other options such as guardrails and drawers.

Before you make your purchase, think about the size and weight of the objects that will be stored on it, as well as the additional storage features that will be necessary, the maneuverability, and the safety measures.

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