Looking For Essential OB/ GYN Equipment List

OBGYN Equipment List

There is a lot of obgyn equipment used for different purposes. These types of equipment are essential to provide the best care possible for pregnant women and their babies. Gynecologists also use them to diagnose and treat female reproductive system conditions. Regardless of their form or function, all ob-gyn equipment share one common goal: to provide Obstetrics and Gynecologists with the tools they need to care for their patients. Come to check the fullest ob/gyn equipment list online quickly.

What is OBGYN?

OBGYN is an abbreviation for obstetrics and gynecology. It is a branch of medicine that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the female reproductive system. OBGYN rooms are usually equipped with specialized tools and equipment to cater to the needs of pregnant women and new mothers.

In addition, OBGYN rooms can also help to promote bonding between mother and child. A skilled and experienced obstetrician can help ensure that pregnant women receive the best possible care during this critical period.

What is OBGYN Equipment?

When it comes to women's health care, OBGYN equipment is essential. These tools allow medical professionals to provide patients with the best possible care, and they help to ensure that doctors can detect, monitor, and treat potential issues promptly.

What Does The OBGYN Equipment Include?

Some of the main types of OBGYN equipment include ultrasound machines, gynecological tables, fetal monitors, etc. These and more ob/gyn equipment lists are discussed in greater depth below.

Gynecological Examination Table

The gynecological examination table offers convenience and durability for OB/GYN practitioners. It has features that are particularly suited to gynecological exams. Other names for a gynecological examination table include Gynecological Exam Table, Gynecology Exam Table, Gynecology Table, Gynecology Chair, and Gyno Chair.

The most important consideration when selecting a gynecological examination table is the height. You should choose one that allows you to adjust the height to suit your needs. This will help ensure that you have access to all the necessary areas.

Another important factor when choosing a gynecological examination table is the positioning of stirrups. Ideally, these should be positioned close enough to allow the feet and knees to comfortably rest on them without slipping off or feeling too wide open.

And finally, it's crucial to remember that a good quality gynecological table should be able to withstand years of use without showing signs of wear and tear. With these tips in mind, you can be sure to find the right gynecological table for your practice or clinic.


There are many different uses for a gynecological examination table, ranging from diagnostic testing to surgical procedures:

  • Childbirth, gynecology surgical operation, examination, and other functions, including urgent cesarean operations.
  • Performing routine pelvic exams. Gynecological exam tables help provide a high level of visibility and precision by allowing clinicians to carefully adjust the position of the patient's body in relation to the table itself when performing such exams.


Electric Obstetric Gynecology Table AG-C200A: This costs $2,607.00 per unit
AG-C102 Electric Gynecological Exam Table: This costs $4,035.15 per unit
OBGYN Equipment

Fetal Monitor

A fetal monitor is a hand-held ultrasound transducer used to examine the fetal heartbeat for prenatal care. The Doppler fetal monitor is commonly referred to simply as a Doppler, fetal Doppler, or Doppler fetal monitor.

A fetal monitor is frequently used to count the baby's heart rate while taking prenatal exams. It may also track a baby's heart rate throughout labor. During childbirth, the healthcare provider may regularly check a child's heart rate throughout the birth.


AG-BZ011 Medical Series Fetal Monitor. This costs about $1,641 per unit. 
AG-BZ012 Medical Series Fetal Monitor. This costs about $1,370.



A colposcope is a medical instrument used to get a magnified view of the cervix and the vagina. A colposcopy usually has a bright light and a high-powered lens that can magnify the area 20 times. The doctor or nurse will use the colposcope to look for abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix or vagina. A biopsy (a small tissue sample) may be taken for further testing if any changes are found.


Some of the most common uses of a colposcope are:

  • Diagnosis of cancers, infections, and other abnormalities of the female reproductive system.
  • Immunosuppression such as in the case of an HIV infection or an organ transplant patient
  • Detection of abnormal appearance of the cervix as noted by a primary care provider
  • Investigation in the form of sexual assault forensic examination using a specialized colposcope equipped with a camera


OM-6650-1 Colposcope Colposcopy Digital Imaging Processing System. This costs $4,914 per unit.
KESTER KN-2200C Colposcope. This costs $4 862 per unit.
ALLTION AC-2000 Colposcope. This costs $5, 914 per unit.
Colposcope XZLC-001
Digital Electronic Colposcope XZLC-003

Ultrasound Machine

An ultrasound machine is a device that uses high-frequency sound waves to examine internal body organs. The returned sound waves, or "echoes," are translated into an image on a monitor after being reflected.

Ultrasound Machine

Types of Ultrasound Machines

B/w ultrasound machines are among the earliest types of ultrasound scanners developed. These machines utilize monochrome images to provide internal views of patients' bodies.

Color Doppler ultrasound machines are another diagnostic imaging technique that combines sound waves with color Doppler processing algorithms to generate more detailed images. This technique helps clinicians visualize moving structures within a patient's body, such as blood flow through blood vessels, thereby providing valuable information about certain conditions and diseases.

3D ultrasounds scanner may find difficult-to-find tumors and distinguish cancerous from normal tissues more quickly. 3D ultrasonography collects data that may be split and viewed from various perspectives, allowing doctors to have a better understanding of

4D Ultrasound machines are similar to 3D ultrasounds, but they include movement. This lets practitioners observe inside your body in real-time, for example, how blood flows through your aorta and surrounding vessels. It can also see how waste travels through your kidneys and other organs.

The 5D ultrasound machine technology focuses on process and automation. The outcomes of this ultrasound will be automatically populated, and the results will be more consistent. Ultrasound pictures are superior in quality to conventional equipment.

As a result, it gives the fetus a lifelike flesh tone color. Most significantly, because of the high-resolution photographs, medical facts regarding the fetus are obvious, and anomalies stand out more.


Black And White Ultrasound Machine DW-350: This costs $2,378 per unit.
Trolley Digital Colour Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic System ZQ-ViV80: This costs $24,622 per unit

Birthing Bed

Birthing Bed Supplier

A birthing bed, also a delivery bed, an obstetric table, or a maternity bed is a type of bed that is carefully designed to provide comfort and support to a woman during childbirth. It typically has a padded headboard and footboard, and side rails to prevent the woman from rolling off. The mattress is usually firm to support the woman's back and maybe equipped with stirrups to help her keep her legs in position during contractions. Birthing beds may also be equipped with monitors to track the progress of labor.


Some of the key uses of a birthing bed include providing support for the legs and back, helping to keep the mother warm, assisting in medical procedures such as monitoring heart rates and fetal development, and allowing for proper visuals during delivery to guide medical professionals.

Additionally, birthing beds can also be equipped with alarms that alert medical professionals in case of emergencies or other critical situations during birth.


Medical Electric Gynecology Birthing Bed AG-C201A. This costs about $2,381.
HILL Affinity P3700 costs about $ 2,341
Gynecological Birthing Bed AG-C102A. This costs about $3,439

Labor Delivery Recovery (LDR) Bed

A labor delivery recovery bed is designed for women who are in labor. The bed provides support for the back, hips, and legs, and it can be adjusted to various positions to help the woman remain comfortable during labor. The bed also has a detachable side rail to support the woman's body during delivery. After the baby is born, the side rail can be removed, and the woman can use the bed to recover from childbirth.


The bed is designed to provide support and comfort for the mother while she is in labor, and it can also be used for post-delivery care and recovery. After delivery, the mother can use the LDR bed for recovery, providing a safe and comfortable environment for her to rest and heal.


LDR Bed Labour Delivery Bed For OBGYN Room AG-C501. This costs $7,535.
Manual Labor and Delivery Bed AG-C101A02B. This costs about $2,645

LDR bed

Baby Crib

A baby crib is an essential piece of equipment in any OBGYN hospital. It provides a safe and comfortable place for newborn babies to sleep and rest. In addition, it helps to keep the baby warm and protected from drafts. The cribs are often placed in a room where the mother can bond with her new baby. The baby cribs are also used for the storage of diaper bags, bottles, and other necessary items.


The typical baby crib includes a bassinet, which is used for sleeping, and a changing table, which is used for diaper changes and other medical procedures. In addition, many baby cribs also come equipped with a rocking capacity, which can be used by parents or caregivers to soothe the baby.


Height Adjustable Baby Cart AG-CB011. This costs about $211
AG-CB009 With Four Silent Castors Steel Bed Frames Baby Cart. This costs about $209.16

Baby Scale

Baby Scale

Baby scales are an essential tool for ob-gyn hospitals, providing a simple and accurate way to monitor the health and growth of newborns. These scales typically feature high-precision measuring capabilities, allowing them to provide precise measurements with a minimal margin of error.


Baby scales are perfect for monitoring weight gain throughout infancy and detecting signs of issues like slowed growth or jaundice.

Additionally, baby scales are often equipped with other features like built-in memory or Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to track the baby's growth over time and sync that data with the healthcare provider.


Electronic Baby Weighing Scale SH-80081: This costs about $54 per set
Electronic Babies Scale SH-03. This costs about $666 per set.

Baby Incubator

A baby incubator is a machine that is found in the ob-gyn room and is used for the care of premature or sick infants. The incubator regulates the environment inside it to provide the optimum conditions for the baby's development and growth. It has a controlled temperature, humidity, and oxygen level. The incubator is a vital piece of equipment in the care of premature or sick infants, and it can help improve their chances of survival and health.


Incubators are a form of a controlled environment set up to provide the optimal temperature, humidity, and light for a newborn's development and survival.

An incubator offers protection from allergens, germs, excessive noises, and light levels that might cause harm.


The AG-IIR001B Medical NICU Obstetrics Infant Incubator. This costs around $2,420.
The NBDW-YP-2008 Infant Incubator. This costs around $10,201.

OBGYN Equipment List

Infant Radiant Warmer

An infant radiant warmer is a critical piece of equipment in the ob-gyn room that provides warmth to a newborn baby until the baby can achieve self-thermoregulation.


Radiant warmers are frequently used to give thermal support for newborns in the delivery room, critically ill infants who need frequent nursing care, and sick infants treated in a cold environment.

It is mainly used for infants that require open access for monitoring while also providing external warmth.


Infant Radiant Warmer for Newborn AG-IRW002B.This costs about $1,998.
Baby Warmer With PVC Infant Resuscitator AG-IRW003A. This costs about $4,450.

Postpartum Recovery Instrument

A postpartum repair instrument is a commonly used tool in the ob-gyn room. It is used by medical professionals to help stabilize the pelvic area following vaginal childbirth.


Some of the specific functions of this device include decreasing the size of any weakened tissues or muscles in the pelvic, removing pregnancy marks, preventing urine leaks or incontinence, and improving vaginal tightness. Overall, this postpartum repair instrument can be an incredibly useful tool for helping new mothers recover from childbirth, enabling them to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies as they move forward with their lives after bringing a child into the world.


HD-WXS Perfect Thin All Round Postpartum Repair Instrument. This costs around $2,537
BZL-A(R)Upgrade 360 Single Person All-round Postpartum Repair Instrument. This costs around $1,691

Stainless Steel Trolley

Stainless steel trolleys are specialized carts that are commonly used in ob-gyn rooms and other medical settings. One of the key benefits of using a stainless steel trolley is its durability and strength. Thanks to their tough construction materials, these carts can withstand heavy loads without breaking or bending. In addition, stainless steel trolleys are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for use in busy medical environments where sanitation is a priority.


These trolleys have several shelves or compartments for organized storage, and they may also include accessory holders for items such as towels, syringes, wipes, and other ob-gyn equipment.


AG-SS02 Stainless Steel Trolley. This costs about $284.

AG-SS007 Fan-Shaped Operation Apparatus Stainless Steel Trolley. This costs about $350.

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