Tips of Looking For and Purchasing The Best and Major Equipment For Operating Theatre

Operating Theatre Eqquipment

The operating theatre (OT) is a section in the hospital where surgeons perform multiple surgeries. But, without the necessary equipment, the operating theatre is nothing but a mere workspace. Therefore, every hospital needs to equip this space with the right equipment to ensure efficient and safe surgery.

Are you designing a new operating theatre in your hospital? Then, keep reading as this guide will provide you with the necessary equipment. Also, you’ll know where to purchase the equipment in bulk at wholesale prices.

Operating Theatre Equipment

The operating theatre or operating room (OR) is a hospital workspace designed for surgical procedures. Every day, one or more surgeries are performed, from cesarean section to appendicitis, circumcision, organ transplant, etc. Surgical procedures are sensitive as they require strict aseptic techniques and thus require a specialty room known as the operating theatre.

Like a military zone, the operating theatre has its restrictions on non-specialized staff. Therefore, as a health care provider, it is essential to understand how the OT works to keep a sterile environment. The OT environment has sterile and non-sterile sections, and it is essential to know the type of healthcare provider that belong to each section. Sterile personnel includes surgeons, scrub nurses, and surgical assistants. On the other hand, non-sterile personnel includes technologists, anesthesiologists, and student observers.

The design of an OT reduces the tendency of post-operative infections and electrical risks to the lowest minimum. As a result, surgeons, nurses are technologists can work efficiently.

Numerous pieces of equipment should be in the operating room, from operating tables to surgical lights, anesthetic carts, defibrillators, monitors, anesthesia machines, etc. These pieces of equipment help facilitate a successful surgery, and we will discuss some in the next section.

What does the Operating Theatre Equipment include?

Operating Theatre Equipment

Operating Table

The operating table is a crucial piece of equipment in every health care facility that provides surgical services. It is a flat surface used to keep a patient’s body parts in place to allow convenient surgery. A standard operating table can be adjusted to different positions and be used for various patients. The general table can be used for multiple surgeries, while the specialized tables are designed for specific purposes.

And it is also named surgical table, OT table, Operating room Table, etc. You can find the types: Electric, hydraulic, manual, and Electro-hydraulic operating tables.

Prices: there are various models of operating tables with different prices. Some are listed below:

Surgical Light

As mentioned earlier, surgical procedures are sensitive, and the last thing a surgeon wants to do is make a mistake during surgery. The surgical lights help surgeons work efficiently by serving as a visual aid during complex surgeries. The commonly used surgical lights are LED and halogen, which can either be fixed or mobile. Also, surgical lights are worn on the head to further aid surgeons’ vision during complex surgeries.

Other names: Operating Lamp, Surgical Lamp, OT lamp, Medical Light, Examination Light, and Operating Room light.

Types: Mobile surgical light, ceiling-mounted surgical light, and surgical headlight.


Operating Room Equipment

Surgical Pendant

The surgical pendant is a high workflow environment needing gas, electrical and material supplies. Medical staff can transport these supplies to the theatre with the surgical pendant. Also, the surgical pendant has flexible positioning; thus, surgeons can adjust it to suit their needs.

The surgical pendant can be widely used in medical facilities for different uses, so it is also named medical pendant, ICU pendant, and OT pendant.

Types: Double-Arm, Single-Arm Surgical Pendant


C-Arm Machine

A C-Arm machine is an imaging device that works on the principle of electromagnetic radiation; X-rays. It is a fluoroscopy machine that provides real-time images of internal organs during complex surgeries, especially those related to orthopedics.

The c-arm machine is also used in cardiac, urological, and neurological surgeries. The name is due to the c-shaped arm that connects the X-ray tube to the image intensifier. This machine is mobile, and the movement of the c-arm is flexible; thus, surgeons can capture images from various angles.



Anesthesia Machine

An anesthesia machine is a medical device used to facilitate the induction and maintenance of anesthesia. The anesthesia machine is used to mix known medical gases of variable composition and regulate the delivery of these gases to patients. Anesthesiologists use it to control ventilation and administer inhalation anesthetics to patients.

Other names: anesthetic machine, anesthesia gas machine, or anesthesia workstation.


Suction Machine

The suction machine or aspirator is a device used to clear a patient’s airway. The airway blockage may be due to saliva, blood, mucus, or other secretions. The suction machine is useful when a patient is unconscious and unable to clear his airways.


Electrosurgical Unit

An electrosurgical unit (ESU) uses a high current to cut, desiccate and coagulate tissues to control bleeding. The ESU is portable and consists of a generator, a handle, and a switch that activates electrical current through the electrode. ESU is used commonly in eye surgery, plastic surgery, microvascular surgery, etc.


  • The Good Price Monopolar & Bipolar Surgical High-Frequency Electrosurgical Unit costs $840 - $880.
  • The Multifunctional electrosurgical generator Professional in electrosurgery electrosurgical unit costs about $2,500.

AED / Defibrillator

A defibrillator is used to restore a normal heartbeat by applying an electric shock to the heart. It is used on patients with cardiac arrest or arrhythmias. The major types of defibrillators include:

  • automatic external defibrillator (AED)
  • implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)
  • wearable cardioverter defibrillators (WCDs).


Vital Signs Monitor

A vital signs monitor is a device that provides accurate measurement of body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rate. The monitor can also read a patient’s oxygen saturation and respiration rate in advanced models. These vital signs are determinants of a patient’s health status.


  • The Vital Signs Monitor BPM-M1214 12 Inch VET Multiparameter Devices cost between $200 - $300.
  • The Ovolo Portable LCD Display 12 inch 6 Parameter Machine, 4-8D Fast Delivery costs about $560.

Oxygen Concentrator

In some cases, the blood oxygen concentration may drop during surgery, and if there is no proper intervention, it can result in death. With this in my, the oxygen concentrator is vital as it is used to supply extra oxygen for the patient; this is known as oxygen therapy. It can also be used at home for patients with lung cancer, asthma, COVID-19, etc.


Stainless Steel Scrub Sinks

In the operating theatre, scrub sinks are cleaning stations where surgeons and other surgical staff wash their hands and arms before surgery. This cleaning process is a precaution against healthcare-associated infections. Stainless steel scrub sinks are the best for ORs as their surfaces are resistant to microorganisms.


  • The Stainless Steel 304 Surgical Scrub Sink costs about $460.
  • The Medical-Surgical Scrub or operating room sink with the back panel and double position costs $380 to $400.

Stainless Steel Trolley

A stainless steel trolley or medical trolley is a cart used to transport medical instruments. The trolley has a flat surface which may be single or multiple layered. Also, some models include one or more drawers. The trolley is usually wheeled, making it easy for medical staff to move surgical tools. The main trolley types are the mayo, anesthesia, resuscitation, instrument, and dressing trolleys.


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Different surgeries are performed daily in the operating theatre. However, only OTs with the appropriate equipment can boast of successful surgeries. When setting up a new OT, ensure the above equipment are on your checklist to facilitate efficient surgery.

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