Hospital Overbed Table

Hospital Overbed Table: Things to Consider Before Order

An overbed hospital table is an essential piece of furniture for any hospital. It provides a comfortable place for patients to eat, work on their laptops, or watch TV. There are many different types of hospital overbed tables available on the market, so it can take time to choose the right one. This guide will discuss the factors you should...

Portable X Ray Machine

How Much Does A Portable X Ray Machine Cost?

Get the full catalog of portable x-ray machines now! A portable x-ray machine is a mobile unit used in clinical radiology. In earlier years, radiographic examinations were performed in unique rooms with fixed x-ray devices. Thanks to technology, radiologists can now carry out x-rays imaging in the wards and at home with portable x-ray units....

Crash Cart Cost

How Much Does a Crash Cart Cost?

The crash cart is the most vital trolley in every hospital, as every medical facility must have equipment and medications on standby to attend to emergencies. With the hospital crash cart, all emergency kits become mobile to facilitate a quick intervention. Here, we’ll share details about the crash cart, its content, and its cost. Keep reading,...

Power Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair: Buy The TOP 10 Online at The Best Prices

What Is A Power Wheelchair? A power wheelchair helps people with medical conditions and mobility issues to move without assistance. Power chairs are better for indoor usage because they are much smaller and more flexible than mobility scooters. A power base, a seat, and controls are the fundamental components of a power wheelchair. For extra...


How Much Does a Floor-Mounted X-Ray Machine Cost?

Floor-mounted x-ray machines are the largest and most diverse radiographic solution. And unlike other x-ray types, they are installed permanently in a radiography room. Also, they are available in different models and prices. Here, we’ll explore floor-mounted x-ray machines, their applications, prices, components, advantages, and disadvantages, and...


CT Simulator Vs. CT Scanner, What is the difference?

What is CT Scanner? CT scan stands for computerized tomography. A CT scanner combines different X-ray images that are taken from different angles. A computer processing program creates cross-sectional images of various body parts. CT scan technology can create cross-sectional images of soft tissues, blood vessels, and bones. CT scanners are better...

Hybrid Operating Rooms

Hybrid Operating Rooms: Everything You Need to Know

A hybrid operating room, also known as a hybrid OR or hybrid operating theater, is a suite that allows for open and minimally invasive surgery performance plus imaging procedures. It is typically equipped with an X-ray machine and a CT or MRI scanner. The hybrid operating room came about as a means to provide surgeons with the ability to image their...

Trauma Stretcher Cost

How Much Does A Trauma/Emergency Stretcher Cost?

Get a full catalog and price list of Trauma Stretchers What Is A Trauma Stretcher? Trauma stretchers are portable beds to transport patients from one place to another. These cot-like devices are designed for patients who have suffered trauma or injuries due to which they cannot move without assistance. Trauma stretchers allow them to lie...

3 Cranks Hospital Beds

2 Cranks vs 3 Cranks Hospital Beds

Get the full catalog and price list of manual hospital beds on medwish.com now! 2 cranks or 3 cranks hospital beds are always referred to as manual hospital beds. The manual beds have a lever to manually control and adjust the head and footboards. The handles are usually at the bottom of the footboard, and the position can be adjusted by rotating...

Cath Lab

What Is A Cath Lab?

Cath Lab – A Brief Overview A Cath lab, commonly known as a "cardiac catheterization laboratory," is a specialized examination area within any clinic, hospital, or diagnosis center. It enables doctors and other healthcare professionals to execute nominally invasive examinations like angiograms, ablation, implantation of pacemakers, etc., along with...

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