Prone Position

Prone Position: When to Use This Position?

The prone position is a patient positioning technique used to improve the patient's access to specific body areas. This position is often used in healthcare settings, such as surgery or Covid treatment. A patient position is a specific way a patient should be positioned during a medical procedure. There are many reasons a patient might need to be...

supine position

Supine Position: Find the Proper Position for Health

Proper patient positioning is vital in healthcare, and the supine position is the most common. The position requires patients to lie flat on their back for comfort and to ease surgical access. In this guide, we'll discuss the supine position, its types, benefits, risks, and when to use this position. Also, you'll see various medical equipment that...

Lateral Position

Proper Patient Positioning Guideline: Lateral Position

The lateral position is a patient positioning technique that provides comfort and support to patients. It has a variety of applications, including during labor and delivery, surgery, and other medical procedures. This post will discuss the lateral position in detail, including its types, benefits, drawbacks, and more. What is a Patient Position? A...

Fowler's Position Guide

Fowler's Position Guide Online to Hospitals

Fowler's position is a frequently employed positioning, both in-patient and in the emergency department. In addition, neurosurgery and shoulder surgeries often necessitate the patient to be in Fowler's position. It is also known as the sitting position and has different variants. In this brief, we discuss Fowler's position in detail and the medical...

patient positions

Complete Guide to Patient Positioning for Hospitals

Correct patient positioning is vital to ensure the safety and effectiveness of surgical and medical procedures. It should be a team effort, led by adequately trained and experienced professionals. This includes surgeons, RNs, and other care providers who share the responsibility for setting up and maintaining the correct positions of patients as they...

baby scale

Guide to Choose The Best Baby Scales Online

When it comes to babies' health, you want to be sure that you are taking all the necessary actions. One way to do this is by monitoring their weight. A baby scale can help you do just that. This buying guide will discuss the different features to look for when purchasing a baby scale and some types. We will also provide a few tips on how to use a...

Hospital Scrub Sink

​How to Choose the Right Hospital Scrub Sinks for Your Operating Room?

Find out the full catalog and prices of hospital scrub sinks on medwish.com What is the hospital scrub sink? Before any kind of surgery or handling of essential specimens, you might have seen or heard that doctors and nurses use special sinks to wash off any possible contaminants from their hands and arms so that they do not pose any risk to...

Trendelenburg Position

The Ultimate Guide to the Trendelenburg Position

The Trendelenburg position is a tilted supine position used by surgeons to facilitate access to surgical sites.  It is typically used in lower abdominal surgeries. In recent times, various medical equipment like the operating table and hospital beds now incorporate this position into their designs.  Here we'll discuss the Trendelenburg...

OBGYN Equipment List

Looking For Essential OB/ GYN Equipment List

There is a lot of obgyn equipment used for different purposes. These types of equipment are essential to provide the best care possible for pregnant women and their babies. Gynecologists also use them to diagnose and treat female reproductive system conditions. Regardless of their form or function, all ob-gyn equipment share one common goal: to provide...

Emergency Equipment

The Ultimate Guide of Emergency Equipment in Hospital

Have you ever been in an emergency department and been left wondering what you were supposed to do? From wheelchairs to stretchers, it can be hard to know which piece of equipment is needed for which situation because there are a lot of choices, making it can be tricky to know which product is best for your needs. If you're like most people, you...

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