How Much Does A Portable X Ray Machine Cost?

Portable X Ray Machine

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A portable x-ray machine is a mobile unit used in clinical radiology. In earlier years, radiographic examinations were performed in unique rooms with fixed x-ray devices. Thanks to technology, radiologists can now carry out x-rays imaging in the wards and at home with portable x-ray units.

Here, we'll discuss the portable x-ray machine, its benefits, applications, types, costs, and tips to guide purchase. Keep reading as you'll also know where to buy the best portable x-ray machines online. 

What Is a Portable X-ray Machine?

A portable x-ray machine is a miniature version of the fixed x-ray unit used for fluoroscopy and imaging. It is also known as mobile x-ray machines or mobile x-ray units.

After its inception, x-ray examinations were carried out in radiography rooms. However, the x-ray machines in these rooms are fixed, thus requiring patients to be brought in for capturing. But with a portable x-ray machine, healthcare workers can attend to patients' needs outside the hospital, especially in emergencies. 

The major parts of a portable x-ray machine are the control circuit, workstation, and x-ray tube comprising the electrodes and vacuum glass. The x-ray tube component creates an electric field with high voltage to activate the filament. The high-speed electron flowing via the cathode hits the target body part and produces an image.

In medicine, x-rays are used to obtain anatomical images of different body parts like bones, joints, chest, and abdomen for a more precise diagnosis. Its use covers various disciplines of medicine, from cardiology to neuroradiology, dentistry, and gastroenterology. 

Also, portable x-ray machines are an indispensable part of veterinary practice today. They are suitable for animals of different sizes. Because most animals are difficult to control in a veterinary environment, the flexibility of these machines eases examination and diagnosis. Using portable x-ray machines is vital for cows or horses as veterinarians travel across farms and examine the animals on the spot. 

Generally, the portable x-ray machine is designed for situations where transfer to the radiology room may be strenuous or impossible. Such cases include patients in nursing homes, prisoners, intensive care units, or accident scenes. 

Portable x-ray machines are lightweight with small transformers and are easy to operate with minimal construction costs. Also, there are different models of these machines; while some are handheld, others are wheeled or motorized. Some models can fit into backpacks or suitcases to ease transport. These machines are ideal for startup facilities with a low patient population. 

Since the portable x-ray unit is typically used outside the radiography room, lead sheltering may not be necessary where the machine is used. However, portable x-ray machines are equipped with lead shields on the tube. But if not properly handled, the operator risks radiation exposure.

The Benefits of a Portable X-ray Machine

The portable x-ray unit has numerous benefits, making it popular in healthcare. They include:

Mobility and ease of use

A unique feature of this machine is mobility and ease of transport. Ward to x-ray rooms or home-to-hospital transfers can be harmful to some patients. Thus this machine is essential to provide needed medical care across hospital wards, on-site, and outpatients. 

Safety and speed

Another advantage is the processing speed. The x-ray with a portable device takes less than 20 minutes. This allows you to visit and treat several patients within one day. In addition, mobile x-ray devices have a lower radiation exposure than older stationary models.

Economic benefits

The healthcare sector attends to various casualties, and patient transport contributes to operating costs. Thus, there is a need to minimize these costs. First, portable x-ray machines are generally cheaper than fixed models. Also, with these mobile machines, transportation costs of patients, extra resources, and staff with ambulances and taxis are minimized. In addition, the maintenance cost is low.

Quality image

Traditional x-ray systems require a waiting period to generate results. However, thanks to technology, the portable x-ray machine produces high-quality images briefly. A film is not incorporated into the machine's scanner; instead, it uses cassettes and phosphor trays. As a result, you can delete images after capturing them.  

The Types of Portable X-ray Machines

There are different types of portable x-ray machines depending on their applications. They include:

Portable X-ray machine for hand surgery

This type of mobile x-ray unit is small and used for hand imaging. It is equipped with arm support serving a similar purpose as an operating table, thus easing the process. As a result, patients with more technical cases access the fixed machines in the radiology departments. 

Portable X-ray machine for remote screening

They are usually motorized and battery-powered. Due to the portable structure, these machines are easy to transport and set up; thus suitable for a wide range of needs from ICUs to sports, orthopedics, and emergencies. 

Portable mobile radiographic unit for daily hospital routines

They are lightweight, compact, and operate at a high frequency. Also, these x-ray machines are wheeled, thus easing transport across hospital wards, surgical theaters, and ICUs. They also come in handy in emergencies.

Digital mobile X-ray system

The digital models are unique, compact, and time efficient. They are designed for bedridden patients with mobility difficulties. Thus you can transfer these machines across wards and attend to multiple patients in a short period. These models are also suitable for outpatients.

Tips for Buying a Suitable Portable X-ray Machine

Size and dimensions of the machine

Before buying a portable x-ray machine, your initial consideration should be the size and dimension. While these machines are generally smaller than the fixed models, you need to consider the areas of application and transportation ease of the device to guide your decision. Also, remember that you want to save space in your facility.

The frequency and power

When buying a mobile x-ray unit, opt for high-frequency models with high generator power. Also, ensure the battery power is high so it can last for extended periods and be helpful in case of power failure. 


Every machine used in the medical sector must have a warranty as they are sensitive and require a form of product security. The warranty helps to fix unforeseen issues when the need arises. Therefore, when buying a portable x-ray unit, look for models with long-term warranties for better assurance.

Maintenance cost

Another tip to consider is the maintenance cost. Hence opt for models that can be easily fixed when faulty or whose parts can be easily replaced at affordable rates.

Optional functions

You may also check for extra functions like the Wi-Fi connection, special clinical software, and the workstation's operating systems.


After considering the above factors, your final decision will depend on the x-ray machine's price and your budget. However, while you may want to work with your budget strictly, don't opt for cheap models at the expense of quality. And to get quality products, you should buy from reputable brands and vendors. Some of the top brands in the portable x-ray machine market include Carestream, Philips, Hitachi, Siemens, GE, Virtual Imaging, etc. 

Price guide

The prices of portable x-ray machines vary according to brand, features, and location. Generally, the low-end models cost below $42,000, the mid-range models are between $45,000-$80,000, while the high-end types cost about $75,000 and above. Here are the prices of some top brands:

● A fairly used GE Optima XR200amx Mobile X-ray Machine costs about $15,000.

● A new BESTRAN TECHNOLOGY BT-XS03 Digital Mobile X-ray Machine costs about $43,000.

● The 2016 Carestream Revolution Mobile Xray w/ DRX-1C DR Panel cost about $70,000.

● The Portable (Mobile) Siemens C Arm Machine costs about $6,800.

●  5.6KW Portable x-ray machines on costs about $15,000-23,000.

Where To Buy the Best Portable X-ray Machines Online?

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Portable x-ray machines have recently improved patient care as they are compact, lightweight, and mobile. Also, they are applied across the medical, dental, and veterinary fields. When buying these machines, consider their size, dimension, price, frequency, warranty, and maintenance cost.

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