Manual Hospital Beds Project

50 Units of Manual Hospital Beds Project in Pakistan

In 2022, we were fortunate to negotiate an order for a public hospital with a Pakistan distributor in early March. We got the demand for 50 manual hospital beds and 15 electric hospital beds late in October. After restarting from the holiday, Medwish worked overtime to complete the products on time and inspects them before leaving the factory to ensure...

Delivery Labor Room Project

Delivery Labor Room Project In the USA

The USA private hospital passed the high-quality delivery labor room project. The complete equipment in the delivery labor room was delivered successfully two weeks ago. The Medwish.com team was so glad to see that all of the OBGYN equipment was installed in the hospital, including an LDR bed, surgical light, infant incubator, and more OBGYN...

Medical Ventilators

Medwish.com Produced 20 Units of Medical Ventilators for South Africa

In September 2021, we received an inquiry, which is a tender for ventilators, from a distributor in South Africa. The partners told that this is a public hospital bidding for ventilators for ICU wards, and they needed to quickly purchase ventilators for the hospital to recover from the epidemic. After receiving the specific bidding parameters, Medwish...


Medwish Crash Cart Trolleys for Private Hospital in Australia

In October 2022, a private hospital in Australia contacted the medwish online agent. They wanted to purchase the wholesale set of hospital furniture quickly. Medwish sales manager provided the whole plan for them, including five functions electric hospital beds, crash carts, and hospital overbed tables. Because they urgently needed crash cart...


30 Units of Autoclave Machines for Bolivia

30 units of autoclaves were already packed to ship to Bolivia. So glad to see that we won the order for the Bolivia distributor, which focuses on the procurement of biomedical equipment in Bolivia. The director found LS-50HD autoclave machines on medwish.com when he googled. He contacted us and sent the specification for the autoclave machines. The...


Medwish Won the Bid of Ultrasound Machines from Kenya

Medwish released different ultrasound machines in 2022, including portable and trolley ultrasound machines. The city partner of medwish.com in Kenya contacted us about the new tender of 3D portable ultrasound machines .Medwish.com integrated the most cost-effective ultrasound machines to match the specifications for the bid.  And we got the good...


Medical Gas Supply Solution in Saudi Arabia

Contact us to get more hospital cases! In 2022.10, after a period of time for communication and evaluation, medwish.com was finally appointed to provide the wholesale medical gas supply solution for the Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Medical gas systems in hospitals are lifesaving, which means multiple restrictions and instructions on the proper, safe...

NICU Equipment Project

NICU Equipment Project in the UK Public Hospital

NICU equipment has been delivered successfully to the public hospital in the UK. The director was satisfied with this customized turnkey project very well. NICU, a neonatal intensive care unit, requires us to provide sick children with high-quality medical products. When we received the inquiry email, we created a set of high-quality and advanced NICU...

Hospital Furniture Delivered to Qatar

50 Units of Hospital Furniture Delivered to Qatar

The client discovered www.medwish.com by googling hospital beds and was initially attracted by medwish three-function electric hospital beds. He was amazed at the types of hospital beds on medwish.com, and they said, "The types and prices of hospital beds are so complete." After deep communication, the turnkey project of the hospital ward was...

Hospital Turnkey Project in Bangladesh

Hospital Turnkey Project in Bangladesh

In 2022.3, we won a tender for a hospital ward project for a public hospital in Bangladesh. The manager of the project emailed medwish.com after browsing our hospital project cases. The person in charge said that they were very interested in the overseas hospital projects, and they were working on a hospital project bidding. With the document...

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