Produced 20 Units of Medical Ventilators for South Africa

Medical Ventilators

In September 2021, we received an inquiry, which is a tender for ventilators, from a distributor in South Africa. The partners told that this is a public hospital bidding for ventilators for ICU wards, and they needed to quickly purchase ventilators for the hospital to recover from the epidemic. After receiving the specific bidding parameters, Medwish integrated nearly 100 ventilators on the website and selected a type of certified ventilator with a cost-effective price.

After half a month of waiting, the partner told us that we had successfully won the tender and hoped we could transport the ventilators to South Africa as soon as possible. We also quickly integrated it into the inventory, ensuring speed and quality.

One month later, the hospital successfully received the ventilator. We are pleased to get timely feedback from the hospital. We also hope that through this ventilator, we can cooperate with other South African hospitals on medical device products.


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