230 Units Electric&Manual Hospital Beds For Chile

Hospital Beds For Chile

The distributor in Chile has been in contact with Medwish.com since the end of 2020. The director wanted to help the government provide hospital furniture for the local community hospital. In the beginning, they asked for our computer trolleys, but after surfing our online AR showroom, they were interested in the electric hospital beds. So Medwish supplied 97 units of manual hospital beds and 125 units of electric hospital beds with the hospital requirements. After 1 month of production and 1 month of shipping, Medwish.com received feedback from Chile.

We were also proud to provide high-quality hospital furniture to the nursing homes and community hospitals in Chile.

They contacted us again in 2021 when the outbreak of COVID19 continued. With the high trust in our hospital beds, they reordered 80 units of manual hospital beds and 155 sets of electric hospital beds, which were all equipped with 3 functions. Thanks to the customer's trust, we were able to quickly integrate our medical resources and shipped within a month successfully.

We hope we can keep serving more hospitals and distributors in Chile in the future.


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