45 Units Hospital Beds Delivered Successfully to Iraq

Hospital Furniture to Iraq

So glad to see that 45 units of 3-function hospital beds were delivered successfully to Iraq.

This was the first time that Medwish.com cooperated with the Iraq hospital, and the procurement manager told us that he wanted to purchase 3-function hospital beds for his hospital. During the communication with him, the Medwish.com team offered the whole customized hospital solution project. They said, “Your hospital project is so perfect and the furniture looks great. ”

Therefore, the related hospital sleeping chairs, overbed tables, bedside cabinets, and IV. Poles were ordered at the same time.

After receiving the goods, they were so satisfied with Medwish.com products that they purchased manual stretchers, operating tables, and related stainless steel products for surgery uses from MEDWISH.com.

We hope medwish.com's high-quality services can meet the medical needs of every customer. The Warranty of Medwish.com equipment is 18-36 months, and Medwish.com provides free third-party quality inspection, and online technical after-sale service to ensure the rights of overseas customers.

Contact Medwish.com to get the free customized hospital solution projects for your hospital.


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