Customized Hybrid Operating Room Project for Medical Center

Operating Room Medwish

An operating room, often abbreviated as OR, is also known as an operating theater, operating suite, or operation suite.

The operating room is a sterile, medical facility where surgical operations are carried out. The environment there has to be completely free from all germs and dirt for this process to happen properly.

This Hybrid Operating Room is representative of a new trend in operating room design. The Medwish O.R., with its ability to meet the needs for Cardiovascular and Neurosurgery, Orthopedic trauma surgery (such as that needed on the bone), Thoracic surgeries, or other specialties makes it much more versatile than typical OR's come across today--and can be fully customized based off what you need during your procedure!

With multiple medical specialists using the room, its lighting and imaging system requires a space between flooring for ventilation systems. It also features complicated plumbing that connects it to HEPA filtered laminar flow diffusers which provide clean air while scrubbing bacteria from outside airflow before distributing inside ones here too.

The Hybrid O.R., developed from two typically sized operating rooms and equipped with a state-of-the-art robotic C-arm system has created an environment that is both efficient and comfortable for patients alike in their exploration of various surgical procedures.

medwish operating room solution

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