2nd Batch of Medical Equipment for Hong Kong Makeshift Hospital Against COVID-19

Makeshift Hospital Project

2022.2, 4 HONGKONG Instant Isolation Health Facilities are under urgent construction, which will provide 14000-17000 units of hospital wards. So it is very important for makeshift hospitals to get high-quality medical equipment quickly and in time.

Since the first makeshift hospital project between Medwish.com and Hong Kong in 2020, the two sides have maintained in-depth and close exchanges and cooperation. With its strong supply chain capability and inventory, Medwish.com once again was able to provide 1400 sets of ward facilities to Hong Kong's makeshift Hospital within 3 days.

By Feb.2022, Medwish.com has displayed nearly 10,000 medical SKUs from 500 merchants on the website and it has served 2000+ hospitals in about 150 countries. For financing services, the Medwish.com financing center has world-widely granted 70 hospital credits up to $30million in the use of ordering and hospital construction fund-raising. “We aim to make medical care easier and help more hospitals to fight against Coronavirus, and Medwish.com is fully prepared.” Fola seems poised and determined


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