Comprehensive Hospital Turnkey Project in Ghana with ICU Products and COVID19 Products

Ghana Hospital Project finished the one-stop hospital turnkey project for Ghana successfully.

With the outbreak of the worldwide epidemic, the need for medical supplies continues to increase. 

In November 2021, received a procurement request from a hospital manager in Ghana. They wanted to build 5 hospitals in a short time period,  and also urgently required medical items for various hospital departments, particularly medical imaging products, as well as biomedical products related to the COVID19 test.

After the 2-month interaction and prep work, as a global B2B medical marketplace provided a one-stop hospital turnkey project for Ghana hospitals by integrating worldwide high-quality supply chain channels, including 300units ICU hospital beds, QPCR for testing COVID19, medical ventilator, mobile x-ray machines, and more. All the medical products are in preparation, will certainly be delivered at the end of March.

COVID19 Test


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