Labor and Delivery Room Project for Hospitals

Delivery Room Project

The opening of the first labor and delivery rooms in over two years is an exciting milestone for this hospital. The project began at facilities completed last year, providing relief to mothers who have been traveling far distances just so they could give birth near their homes or family members able to take care of them when needed.

The hospital's second floor now has a new inpatient bed and unit for those who are recovering from childbirth, as well. The project created 12 extra beds which will surely make life better for those people.

The hospital’s new obstetrics unit will provide the best possible care for expecting mothers and their families. It has 11 labor, delivery, recovery rooms as well two triage areas to ensure quick response times in case of emergencies; it also features C-section operating rooms so that severe complications can be treated expediently with surgery-appropriate equipment at hand.

The bright colors throughout this room are calming which makes visitors feel comfortable while helping them focus on what is most important: Their health during pregnancy or childbirth process.


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