Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer CDW.B

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- Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer Manufacturer

- Optional sterilization working time with automatic saving

- 1-2 Beds can be disinfected at the same time

- Easy operation and quiet working situation


Minimum quantity for "Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer CDW.B" is 1.

Port: Shanghai,China
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Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer CDW.B

CDW.B Bed unit ozone air sterilizer is extensively used in hospitals, hotels, and homes for the mattress, pillow cores, clothing, beddings, blankets, and other sterilization processes.

The ozone concentration of the bed unit ozone sterilizer is very high, which can kill germs quickly and effectively, and it has a long service life. The ozone concentration in the bed unit ozone sterilizer can be used to sterilize the bedsheets as well as the adjacent hospital beds. No toxic residue will be left during disinfection, and the disinfection time can be set by yourself.

Medwish provides a high-quality and friendly environment bed unit ozone sterilizer for sale from professional and experienced sterilizer suppliers and manufacturers, get inquiries right now about this bed unit ozone sterilizer.

Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer Specification

1.Appearance size: (L×W×H) : 320×380×830 (mm)
2.Weight: 24kg
3.Ozone concentration: > 1400mg/m (concentration in bag, test report provided, including change curve)
4.Ozone production: > 5000mg/h
5.Ozone leakage: < 0.003mg/m, providing detection report
6.Residual ozone: < 0.016mg/m
7.Noise: < 50dB(A)
8.Disinfection time: 1min ~ 99min optional, with automatic saving
9.Compression time: 1min ~ 99min optional, with automatic save
10.Parsing time: 1min ~ 99min optional, with automatic save
11.Traffic: 22 l/min
12.Output pressure: > 0.01mpa
13.Number of disinfection beds: 1-2 beds
14.E.coli killing rate, staphylococcus aureus killing value ≥3
15.Input power: ≤248W
16.Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz

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