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Medical refrigerators, like other appliances and equipment in a hospital or medical facility, are used to keep things at the correct temperature. offers various medical refrigerators, including Explosion-proof refrigeratorsLab refrigerators, Blood bank refrigerators, and Chromatography refrigerators.

Biological samples are kept in medical refrigerators that include such products as blood, derivatives of blood, biological reagents, vaccines, medicines (including drugs), flammable chemicals, ribonucleic acid (RBA), and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

Low temperature is essential for the preservation of these items. Plasma-freezing facilities store vaccines; whole blood and plasma extracts are stored in cold storage with temperatures ranging from -30°C to -40°C.

Medical refrigerators, like other appliances and equipment in a hospital or medical facility, are used to keep things at the correct temperature. They differ from domestic fridges found in homes, restaurants, and shops because they maintain an extremely narrow temperature range consistently and without fail.

The temperature range, also known as the cold chain, is between +2°C and +8°C. Fridges that are not strong or precise enough to achieve this aren't suitable for medical refrigeration. Medical fridges feature cutting-edge thermometers and alarms that sound if the temperature rises above or falls below the acceptable range. Small medical refrigerators can be placed on a countertop or beneath a desk.

Explosion proof refrigerators are used to store flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals. Without electrical equipment, sparks in the storage area would cause a fire, making it safe to utilize with combustible materials.

Lab refrigerators are built to maintain consistent temperatures and show them through digital displays. They're refrigerators for general use that need locked easy-to-clean compartments. Cooling samples and preserving objects, among other things, is one of their uses.

Blood bank refrigerators should follow all US and European health standards. This is a very important type, especially in the medical field where accuracy matters most. They also need to be able to monitor temperature changes. Different sample types must have their own separate compartments within this equipment as well.

Chromatography refrigerators are meant for laboratory research. They're ideal for use in laboratories that need tight temperature control and stability, such as those involved with medical testing and procedures. A lab refrigerator, for example, might be used to house a chromatography device within the fridge chamber. For a visual representation of this idea, see the illustration on the right.

Medical refrigerator is also known as medical freezer, pharmacy refrigerator, hospital frige, laboratory refrigerator and vaccine refrigerator.

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