Portable Steam Sterilizer DGS-280B

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- Portable Steam Sterilizer Manufacturer

- Microcomputer control

- Digital display

- Stop automatically


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Port: Shanghai,China
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Portable Steam Sterilizer DGS-280B

DGS-280B portable steam sterilizer is a small, handheld device that uses steam to sterilize medical items such as medical disposables, small surgical instruments, and so on. Portable steam sterilizers are convenient because they can be used anywhere there is an electrical outlet, and they typically only take a few minutes to complete the sterilization process. 

And some portable steam sterilizers also come with a timer so that you can set it and forget it, knowing that your items will be properly sterilized when the cycle is complete.


1. Microcomputer control, Digital display, Adjustable sterilization temperature and time; Overpressure; Two-scale type II reading pressure gauge; Bee alarm after sterilization, stop automatically

2. Maximum work stress:0.165Mpa                     

3. Maximum operating temperature:126℃                                                        

4. Time range for sterilization:0-99minute,   18L,24L

●Quick opening structure

●High-quality stainless steel material

●Simple operation, safe and reliable

●Self-expanding sealing type

●Electric heating mode 

●Overpressure self-discharging

●Low water level protection; anti-dry burning

●Double scale two kinds of counting pressure meters

●Sterilization time, temperature adjustable

●Sterilization end, beep reminding, automatic stop

Consumed power2000W2000W
Power~220V, 50Hz~220V, 50Hz
Working pressure0.142MPa0.142MPa
Working temperature126℃126℃
Chamber volumeφ280×295φ280×390
Outer box size410×410×550mm410×410×640mm
Net gross weight16/18KG17.5/19KG 

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