Real-Time 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner Machine DW-T8 V4.0

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DW-T8 V4.0
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  • 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine
  • Windows Embedded operation system
  • 21.5'LED free arm design
  • Stereo audio system
  • 4 Active transducers ports
  • 4 Wheels with locks, Highly maneuverable

Port: Shanghai,China
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Real-Time 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner Machine DW-T8 V4.0

DW-T8 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner Machine is configured with a new imaging engine ultrasound scanner, which can significantly optimize imaging performance. It is a comprehensive imaging system engineered to meet today's most demanding needs, from deep abdominal, vascular to superficial small parts.

This 4D color doppler ultrasound machine is equipped with Windows operating system DICOM3.0, widely applied to the abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, heart, urinary system, small organs, superficial, blood vessels, pediatrics, newborns, musculoskeletal with its high-technology Auto-Adaptive Imaging Processing.


-Stereo audio system

-Newly designed ergonomic console: The fully height-adjustable control panel enables optional positioning with just one touch

-Front and rear handles: Handles on both front and rear make T8 easy to be transported

-4 Active transducers ports: Improve your flexibility in moving through a wide range of applications

-4G RAM,120G SSD+500G HDD

-4 Wheels with locks: Highly maneuverable, highly mobile four-wheeled platform makes portable exams easy

1. Main specifications and system of Troller 4D Color Doppler ultrasound

1.1 Trolley type High-End Cardiac and Real-Time 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound
Probes Convex probe
Tran-vaginal probe
Linear probe
Micro-convex probe
Cardiac probe
4D Volume probe
Applications and reports Abdominal, OB/GYN, Cardiac, Urinary, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular, Pediatrics, Advanced measurement software packages, report software packages, case management software packages, etc.
Performance Carotid artery intima measurement thickness(IMT)
Automatic spectral envelope measurement
Full digital transmission and reception of beam synthesizer
Color Doppler imaging(C)
Pulse-Doppler Imaging(PW)
Coherent Contrast imaging(CCI)
Continuous-wave Doppler imaging(CW)
B/C/D Real-time three synchronous imaging
Power Doppler imaging(PDI)
Direct power Doppler imaging(DPDI)
M mode imaging
Anatomic M mode imaging
Color Doppler M mode imaging
Tissue Doppler imaging(TDI)
Strain rate imaging (SRI)
Tissue harmonic imaging(THI)
Fusion harmonic imaging(FHI)
Speckle Reduce imaging(SRI)
Panoramic imaging
Deflection imaging
Trapezoidal imaging
Adaptive velocity optimization
Freehand 3D
Real-time 3D imaging(3D/4D)
Monitor 21.5 inch HD LED, Multi-angle adjustable LED screen meets different clinic demands
Assistance monitor 13.3-inch touch LED, It Brings doctors convenient operations and the time of examination is greatly shortened
Physical clipboard Save the image on the left side of the screen, which can be directly saved or deleted.
PS The system has the function of an on-the-spot upgrade
Presupposition For different inspections of the viscera, preset the inspection conditions for the best image, reduce the adjustment of the operation, and the commonly used external adjustment and combination regulation.
Probe interface 4
Language Chinese and English System, Chinese and English input, optional
Depth ≥360mm;
PS Extended imaging

2. Probe

Convex probe Fundamental Frequency:2.0MHz /2.3MHz /2.5MHz /3.0MHz /3.5MHz
/4.0MHz /4.6MHz /5.0MHz /5.4MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:4.0MHz /4.6MHz /5.0MHz,
Linear probe Fundamental Frequency: 4.0MHz /4.6MHz /5.0MHz /6.0MHz /7.0MHz
/8.0MHz /9.2MHz /10.0MHz /12.0MHz /13.3MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:8.0MHz /9.2MHz /10.0MHz,
Transvaginal probe Fundamental Frequency:3.0MHz /3.5MHz /4.0MHz /5.0MHz /5.4MHz
/6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz /10.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz,
Micro-convex probe Fundamental Frequency:3.0MHz /3.5MHz /4.0MHz /5.0MHz /5.4MHz
/6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz
Harmonic Frequency:6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz,
Cardiac probe Fundamental Frequency:1.7MHz /1.9MHz /2.1MHz /2.5MHz /3.0MHz
/3.4MHz /3.8MHz /4.2MHz /5.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:3.4MHz /3.8MHz /4.2MHz,
4D Volume probe Fundamental Frequency:2.0MHz /2.5MHz /3.0MHz /3.3MHz /3.7MHz
/4.0MHz /5.0MHz /6.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:4.0MHz /5.0MHz /6.0MHz,

3.2D Imaging Mode

Gain0-100, Step 2 adjustable
TGC8 segment adjustable
Maximum focus point≥7, which can be moved throughout the whole process.
Speckle reduction0-5,5 level
Space Synthesis0-2,2 level(Liner probe: 3 levels, cardiac probe:0)
Dynamic30-180,35 level, step 5 adjustable
Line densitylow、middle、high,3 level
Frame correlation0-4,4 level
Noise reduction
0-5,5 level
Edge Enhancement0-5,5 level
Sound power2-10, 9 level
Greyscale0-67, 67 level
False-color0-67,67 level
Image styleSoft-Comparison,2 level
PSThe screen has a real-time display of voice power, probe frequency,
dynamic range, pseudocolor, grayscale, and other 11 parameters
that can be adjusted

4. Color Doppler Imaging Mode

Blood gain 0-100, Step 2
Parameter display Velocity、Variance
B-Restrain(B/W restrain) 0-7, 7 level
Speed Through
0-8, 8 level
Sampling number 6-24, 7 level
Blood flow preferred 0-8, 8 level
Filtering 1-6, 6 level
Sound power 2-6, 4 level
Noise reduction 0-4, 4 level
Smooth treatment 0-4, 4 level
Frame correlation 0-6, 6 level
Chromatography(Blood flow graph) 0-37, 37 level
Line density  Low-Middle-High, 3 level
Frequency 4 level adjustable
Minimum 0.4K, Maximum 40.5K
Convex probe:0.4K-4.3K-38.5K
Linear probe:0.4K-14.7K-39.0K
Trans-vaginal probe:0.4K-7.8K-39.7K
Volume probe:0.4K-4.2K-34.8K
Micro-convex probe:0.4K-10.3K-40.5K
Cardiac probe:0.4K-7.8K-39.7K
PS: The frequency of the probe changes and the frequency value changes
Frame rate changes with speed

5.Pulse wave Doppler(PW)

5.1 Gain:0-100, Step 2
5.2 Spectrum envelope function: real-time automatic spectrum envelope,
manual spectrum envelope, and other modes.
The system automatically analyses and displays various data
such as PSV, EDV, RI, PI, S/D, ACC, HR, and so on. 
Can wake up or close
5.3 Sample volume:0.5mm~30mm
5.4 Blood angel:-75—75°, Step 5
5.5 False color:0-67, 67 level
5.6 Dynamic range:20-40, 4 level

Packing Details:

Wooden carton size: 102*73*153cm
N.W.: 110kgs
G.W.: 126kgs

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