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DW-T8 V4.0(High End Cardiac & Real Time 4D Color Doppler)

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  • Probe:
    without 3.5MHZ convex probe 6.5MHz Trans-vaginal probe 7.5MHZ linear probe 5.0MHz micro-convex probe 7.5MHz rectal probe Phased array probe 4D probe
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Description Specification
DW-T8 V4.0 High End Cardiac & Real Time 4D Color Doppler
ultrasound machine


DW-T8 is configured with a new imaging engine, which can signifcantly optimize imaging performance
It is a comprehensive imaging system engineered to meet todays most demanding needs, from deep abdominal, vascular to superficial small parts
ultrasound machine
 1.Summary of main specifications and system of cart type color Doppler ultrasound
1.1 Trolley type all digital color Doppler ultrasonic mainframe
1.2 Ultrasonic host operating system: Windows operating system
1.3 Applications:Abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, heart, urinary system, small organs, superficial, blood vessels, pediatrics, newborns, musculoskeletal
1.4 Probes:Convex probe, Tran-vaginal probe, Linear probe, Micro-convex probe, Cardiac probe,4D Volume probe
1.5 Applications and report:
Abdominal,OB,GYN,Cardiac,Urinary,Small Parts,Superficial, Vascular, Pediatrics, Advanced measurement software packages, report software packages, case management software packages, etc.
☆1.6 carotid artery intima measurement thickness(IMT)
☆1.7 Automatic spectral envelope measurement
1.8 Full digital transmission and reception of beam synthesizer
1.9 Color Doppler imaging(C)
1.10 Pulse Doppler Imaging(PW)
☆1.12 Coherent Contrast imaging(CCI)
1.12 Continuous wave Doppler imaging(CW)
☆1.13 B/C/D Real-time three synchronous imaging
☆1.14 Power Doppler imaging(PDI)
☆1.15 Direct power Doppler imaging(DPDI)
1.16 M mode imaging
☆1.17 Anatomic M mode imaging
☆1.18 Color Doppler M mode imaging
☆1.19 Elastography
☆1.20 Tissue Doppler imaging(TDI)
☆1.21 Strain rate imaging (SRI)
1.22 Tissue harmonic imaging(THI)
1.23 Fusion harmonic imaging(FHI)
1.24 Speckle Reduce imaging(SRI)
☆1.25 Panoramic imaging
☆1.26 Deflection imaging
☆1.27 Trapezoidal imaging
1.28 Adaptive velocity optimization
☆1.29 Free hand 3D
1.30 Real time 3D imaging(3D/4D)
1.31 DICOM3.0
1.32 Monitor:21.5 inch HD LED
1.33 Assistance monitor: 13.3 inch touch LED
1.34 Physical clipboard: save the image on the left side of the screen, which can be directly saved or deleted.
1.35 The system has the function of on-the-spot upgrade
1.36 Presupposition: for different inspection of the viscera, preset the inspection conditions for the best image, reduce the adjustment of the operation, and the commonly used external adjustment and combination regulation.
1.37 Probe interface: 4
1.38 Chinese and English System, Chinese and English input, optional
1.39 Depth:≥360mm;
1.40 Extended imaging
2.1Convex probe Fundamental Frequency:2.0MHz /2.3MHz /2.5MHz /3.0MHz /3.5MHz /4.0MHz /4.6MHz /5.0MHz /5.4MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:
4.0MHz /4.6MHz /5.0MHz,
2.2Linear probe Fundamental Frequency
4.0MHz /4.6MHz /5.0MHz /6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz /9.2MHz /10.0MHz /12.0MHz /13.3MHz,
Harmonic Frequency
8.0MHz /9.2MHz /10.0MHz,
2.3 Trans-vaginal probe Fundamental Frequency:
3.0MHz /3.5MHz /4.0MHz /5.0MHz /5.4MHz /6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz /10.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:
6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz,
2.4 Micro-convex probe Fundamental Frequency:
3.0MHz /3.5MHz /4.0MHz /5.0MHz /5.4MHz /6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:
6.0MHz /7.0MHz /8.0MHz,
2.5Cardiac probe Fundamental Frequency:
1.7MHz /1.9MHz /2.1MHz /2.5MHz /3.0MHz /3.4MHz /3.8MHz /4.2MHz /5.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:
3.4MHz /3.8MHz /4.2MHz,
2.64D Volume probe Fundamental Frequency:
2.0MHz /2.5MHz /3.0MHz /3.3MHz /3.7MHz /4.0MHz /5.0MHz /6.0MHz,
Harmonic Frequency:
4.0MHz /5.0MHz /6.0MHz,
3.2D Imaging Mode
3.1 Gain:0-100,Step 2 adjustable
3.2 TGC:8 segment adjustable
3.3 Maximum focus point:≥7, which can be moved throughout the whole process.
3.4 Speckle reduction:0-5,5 level
3.5 Space Synthesis:0-2,2 level(Liner probe: 3 level, cardiac probe:0)
3.6 Dynamic:30-180,35 level,step 5 adjustable
3.7 Line density:low、middle、high,3 level
3.8 Frame correlation:0-4,4 level
3.9 Noise reduction:0-5,5 level
3.10 Edge Enhancement:0-5,5 level
3.11 Sound power:2-10, 9 level
3.12 Grey scale:0-67, 67 level
3.13 False color:0-67,67 level
3.14 Image style:Soft-Comparison,2 level
The screen has real-time display of voice power, probe frequency, dynamic range, pseudo color, gray scale and other 11 parameters can be adjusted
4.Color Doppler Imaging Mode
4.1 Blood gain:0-100,Step 2
4.2 Parameter display:Velocity、Variance
4.3 B-Restrain(B/W restrain):0-7, 7 level
4.4 Speed Through:0-8, 8 level
4.5 Sampling number:6-24, 7 level
4.6 Blood flow preferred:0-8, 8 level
4.7 Filtering:1-6, 6 level
4.8 Sound power:2-6, 4 level
4.9 Noise reduction:0-4, 4 level
4.10 Smooth treatment:0-4, 4 level
4.11 Frame correlation:0-6, 6 level
4.12 Chromatography(Blood flow graph):0-37, 37 level
4.13 Line density:Low-Middle-High, 3 level
4.14 Frequency:4 level adjustable
4.15 Velocity:Minimum 0.4K,Maximum 40.5K
Convex probe:0.4K-4.3K-38.5K
Linear probe:0.4K-14.7K-39.0K
Trans-vaginal probe:0.4K-7.8K-39.7K
Volume probe:0.4K-4.2K-34.8K
Micro-convex probe:0.4K-10.3K-40.5K
cardiac probe:0.4K-7.8K-39.7K
 PS:The frequency of the probe changes and the frequency value changes
 PS:Frame rate changes with speed
5.Pulse wave Doppler(PW)
1 Gain:0-100,Step 2
5.2 Spectrum envelope function: real time automatic spectrum envelope, manual spectrum envelope, and other modes. The system automatically analyses and displays various data such as PSV, EDV, RI, PI, S/D, ACC, HR and so on. Can wake up or close
5.3 Sample volume:0.5mm~30mm
5.4 Blood angel:-75—75 degree,Step 5
5.5 False color:0-67, 67 level
5.6 Dynamic range:20-40, 4 level
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