Electric Wheelchair YFLB-01

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  • 70AH Capacity
  • 35km Mileage
  • 6 Charging time
  • 24/7 Charging safety monitoring

Minimum quantity for "Electric Wheelchair YFLB-01" is 1.

Port: Shanghai,China
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Electric Wheelchair YFLB-01

Custom-made creates your unique ride


Battery type: 70Ah lithium battery 

Motor Power: 450Wx2 

Max. Speed: ≤7km/h 

Charging Time:7H

Mileage: ≤36KM 

Climbing Performance: 8° 

Net Weight:120KG 

Body size : 975x630x(895-1080)mm with lifting and transfer function of its seat

Lifting and panning within easy reach

120mm translation distance,180mm lifting distance

Omni-directional wheel

Excellent road adaptablility and obstacle crossing ability

Adjustable armrest designs

Angle-free seat

Large-capacity lithium battery,long driving range

70AH Capacity

35km Mileage

6 Charging time

24/7 Charging safety monitoring

Powerful Electricity Motor AWD System

Output powerful and stable AWD power,high loading limit,quite performance and battery-efficient.

Equipped with electromagnetic braking system,fast braking when releasing controlstick,reliable on slope,secure the safety.

W Ergonomics Pressure Release Cushion

1.Accurate and stable support for the pelvis,maintain the optimal support for the ischial tuberosity and greater trochanter

2.Reducing surface pressure and pain by using body pressuredistribution

3.Effectively prevent bedsore caused by long sitting.

Ergonomics gives comfort

Tailor-made to give a sense of exclusivity

1. Simple and smooth geometric design,smart round and square
2. Handrail design with smooth lifting and unobstructed side seating
3. Anti-backward tilting guard wheel wide pedal can be stretched,comfortable and stable
4. The seat is lifted up and down by 180mm and translated by 120mm,making it easy for people to pick up things
5. The pressure-sensitive seat system avoids misoperation after sittingin and getting up.The seat cushion is made of airbag foam,whichis soft and breathable
6. 5 body colors are available for customization

Packing Details

Packing size: 1010*760*1070mm

CBM: 0.82

Gross weight: 160KG

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