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An aspirator is a small, self-contained suction device that can remove surgical fluids from the airway of a patient who cannot do so on their own. These bodily fluids include mucus, saliva, blood, secretions, etc. This medical suction machine is often used in emergency situations where intubation and mechanical ventilation are not available or are not appropriate. The aspirator is usually portable and known as a portable suction machine, medical liquid suction machine, electric suction machine, mobile electric suction device, portable electric suction unit, surgical suction pump, etc.

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Hospital Bed provides different functions, including electric hospital bed, manual hospital bed, orthopedic hospital bed, home care bed, and children's bed. Medical trolleys provide a large range of carts, including emergency trolleys, computer trolleys, medical record trolleys, stainless steel trolleys,s and more. Hospital Chairs offer different types and include accompany chairs, massage chairs, waiting chairs, and infusion chairs.