Gastric Lavage Machine

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Gastric Lavage Machine, also known as a stomach wash machine or gastric suction machine, is gastric equipment to clean out and empty the contents of your stomach quickly during poisoning, drug overdose, or other emergency situations.

A full electric automatic stomach washing machine rescues food poisoning victims by washing the stomach before hospital operations. Its completely plastic panel design makes the medical equipment fashionable, beautiful, easy to operate and carry, lower noise, and energy-saving. 

The paunch flusher is a new and innovative product that is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their paunch clean and free of waste or poisons. This unit comprises a pressure pump, control pipeline, control circuit, and framework. It operates by using one water pump as an inlet pumping source and one air pump as a negative outlet pressure pumping source. The paunch flusher is easy to use and comes with a visual display to see exactly what is happening with your paunch. This unit also features dual-chamber spraying paunch flushing, which means that the in and out of paunch is done simultaneously, resulting in a rapid flush that leaves behind very little in terms of poison.

Medwish is the stomach wash machine manufacturer you've been searching for. We offer a wholesale price on large quantities of our medical suction machines, making it easy to get the needed equipment at a price that fits your budget. So whether you're looking for bulk purchases for your hospital or medical practice, or you want to stock up on machines for your home health care needs, Please email an email to us and let us know how many machines you're interested in purchasing. Then, we'll get back to you with a competitive quote that can't be beaten!

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