Sputum Excretion Machine

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A Multifrequency vibration sputum excretion machine is a lung cleaning device designed specifically for patients with pulmonary ventilation disorder. It cannot only replace manual percussion on the back but also row phlegm in the deep lung, which manual percussion on the back cannot reach.

The sputum excretion machine has many other names, such as portable mucus clearance device, sputum suction device, airway clearance device, sputum elimination machine, airway clearance system, etc.

By using its unique vibration function, the multifrequency vibration sputum excretion machine simulates percussion, tremor, and shove, fully fulfilling the purpose of patients' postural drainage.

The sputum excretion machine is a versatile medical device that can be used in many departments in the hospital. The machine is safe and reliable, and has been widely used in respiratory medicine, neurosurgery, neurology, ICU/CCU, thoracic surgery, general surgery, emergency department, pediatrics, geriatrics, and occupational therapy.

The mucus clearance device is a unique, safe, and effective way to clear mucus from the lungs. The device features a unique design with a safety voltage of 24V, ensuring the safety of medical staff and patients. The servo system circuit makes the output vibration frequency consistent with the settings without power attenuation. The operation handle can rotate 360° freely, making the operation of medical staff more flexible and convenient. There are ten treatment heads to meet the different requirements of different patients. One rotating button is easy to operate.

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