Emergency Stretcher

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Emergency Stretcher

Emergency stretchers, also named transport stretchers, or transfer stretchers, are patient transport equipment used to immobilize and move injured victims away from the scene of an emergency. Medwish.com offers different types of emergency stretchers including hydraulic stretchers, electric stretchers, folding stretchers, manual stretchers, connecting stretchers, spine boards, and so on.

The hydraulic stretcher is an emergency stretcher that uses pressurized fluid to move patients. It's commonly used in hospitals and other care facilities, like the ones you would go for surgery or else where someone might need assistance with their recovery from injuries sustained during an accident; these types of accidents often happen outdoors where there isn't access immediately available by road (or due other obstacles). The power source typically comes either via a hydraulic pump that is operated by a hand crank or an electric motor.

Electric Stretcher is an emergency stretcher that helps transfer patients from one place to another easily and effortlessly by the electric motor. Electric stretchers are also known as electric hospital stretchers, power stretchers, electric ambulance stretchers, electric stretcher trolleys, or electronic stretchers. They are primarily used in intensive care units, emergency departments, and operating rooms.

A manual emergency stretcher, or manual stretcher, is a type of hospital stretcher specially designed to safely move patients to different care areas in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities. The manual stretcher is operated by the hand crank, which is easy to operate and clean.

You can also find more emergency stretchers and emergency devices such as stretcher stairs, rescue stretchers, foldable stretchers, spine boards, and so on. These transfer stretchers are very lightweight and easy operation, which are more widely used in outside emergency transport.